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 Divine Armor (North)

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PostSubject: Divine Armor (North)   Divine Armor (North) I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 22, 2010 1:29 am

Inazuma and Kaminari - The dual kodachi of the dragon lord Seiryu, often called the Dragon's Fangs or Dragon's Talons. The silver-blue blades flow into hilts that have a dragon's maw shape. The grips are covered in a blue silk-like cloth. Inazuma can absorb any electrical attack and transfer it to Kaminari, which then fires the attack back at the user’s whim. Upon absorbing an electrical attack with Inazuma, Kaminari emits a large ‘thunderclap’ like sound that deafens and disorients all enemies within 15 feet of the user. Hitting the blades together while one is charged with electricity causes a bolt of lightning to fall from the sky at a designated target. Has a 10 post cooldown.

Dragontail Belt - A snakeskin belt shaped much like a dragon’s tail. The scales are a cornflower blue hue, and overlap each other slightly to give the tail a “moving” effect. The belt grants the user the ability to arc any friendly electricity on a vector of 270 degrees.

Dragon's Eye of the Storm – A pure silver ring inlaid with an azure gem. The gem contains what looks like a miniature electrical storm that perpetually rages within. The ring has a mysterious past, but each owner has been told that Seiryu saw a vein of silver within his sacred mountain and was displeased by it, setting his gaze upon it and condemning it. A lucky blacksmith found this silver, and turned it into the ring that is seen today. The user may copy any one electromancy spell they have cast.

Cloak of Roiling Thunder - A cloak said to be woven from the shed scales of Seiryu’s wife Vaess. The cloak is a mixture of royal blue, cornflower blue and white in the pattern of blue lightning bolts on a white background. The user gains limited control over the weather, and is able to summon rain, hail or electricity. The user may also merge with storm clouds and travel inside them.

Scale Armor of the Irreverent Lightning - A tunic woven from Seiryu himself’s scales. The scales glisten in light as if they were ice refracting light, and are a deep azure color with a few tinges of white. The Scale Armor allows the user to gain Draconic Knowledge from battles their Natrelmon wins. If you have a dragon-type already, they gain 50% extra experience.

Seiryu’s Regalia - If the Trainer has assembled all five pieces of Seiryu’s Regalia, they gain Rank X Electromancy. If they already have Rank X Electromancy, they get double the uses of all electromancy spells and they are 100% more powerful.


Hand of the Frost Queen - An ornate frost blue glove that is embedded with many diamondlike gems. The gloves cover a large part of the lower arm. When these touch something, they will coat it with ice. If a grip can be held, an item can be completely covered with ice (providing it doesn't force the power of the glove to extend beyond 5 feet).

Zero Circlet - The headpiece completely circles around the upper part of the head, with a gem set on the forehead part. The silver metal is similar to that used in the other northern pieces. This item extends the effective range of Cryomancy by 7 feet and the Hand of the Frost Queen by 2 feet.

Vashi's Mirror - You can now scry on any location you've seen. The perspective can be altered. As well, it allows effects that normally could not be cast upon you to be cast upon yourself.

Ice Coated Engagement Ring - The silvery ring said to have been given by Seiryu to the Frost Queen. The ring further extends the range of Cryomancy by 3 feet and the Hand of the Frost Queen by 1 foot. Stacks with the Zero Circlet.

Anklet of the Ice Forge - The thin metal anklet allows the wearer to make either a weapon or shield of weildable size that can only be destroyed by a fire type attack.

Protection of the Frost Queen - Once all 5 pieces of the Frost Queen's armor are assembled, the user can sumon the full power of the Frost Queen. Purple and blue robes will cover the summoner's body. This gives the wearer immunity to ice attacks while increasing damage by fire type attacks by 1.5. The robes possess the ability, once every 20 posts, to completely coat the user in ice, protecting them from one attack for one post. The robes allow access to the Frost Queen's Spells.

Serpent's Tail - The black whip noted for having three bladed ends on it. The weapon, in addition to it's natural physical abilities, possesses the ability to absorb electrical based attacks and use them to paralyze those that are hit by the whip. The whip has an effective range of 12 feet, with an 12 foot spread. Those that have electromacny can control them like snakes and will always have one charge for paralyzation in one tendril. Foe's electrical attacks will add to that.

Poisoned Fang - A dagger that possesses the ability to initiate a countdown poison on anything hit with it. The dagger has the appearance of a snake's fang for the blade, dripping with a purple liquid. The wielder of this weapon is granted immunity to being affected by countdown poison.

Snakehandler's Gloves - These dark scaled gloves give the wearer the ability to nullify all poisonous effects on the wearer once every 16 posts.

Coiled Serpent - A necklace that appears to be a black snake around the neck of the wearer. The item possesses the ability to come to life and join the battle for 3 exchanges before turning back to a necklace form wherever it is at in the end of 3 exchanges. The Serpent cannot be called out unless another creature is with it. It will have half the level of the creature it is paired with and is a poison type.

Snakeskin Boots - These boots, which match the gloves, allow the wearer, once per 10 posts, to bend like a serpent.

Seprent's Armor - Once all 5 pieces are collected, the wearer can summon the full armor of the Serpent. These are a black scale armor (snakehide) with spike shoulders and knees. The wristguards granted by this also have 3 spikes running up the lower arm. The Serpent's Armor grants full immunity to all poison effects. In addition, the effective range of Electromancy is extended by 2 feet. This also reduces the cooldown on the Snakeskin boots by 4 posts.

Piper's Staff - the silver staff with holes bored into it. When spun, it creates a whistling noise. Each whistle of the staff gives it one charge. The staff allows the user to unleash Seiryu's Thunder, which creates an effect similar to Kaminari for the cost of 3 charges.

Book of Sheet Music - Allows access to the Songwriter's Spells and cuts the cooldown on all spells by 1. Can only select 3 spells from the list.

Ring of the Departed Twin - Allows the user to do one of two things. Change the type of one of their creatures to ghost and select opposing creature and turn it to the same creature (minus the ghost change). OR, allows the user to change an opposing creature into the same one as the users then change one of those types to ghost. Either effect only lasts for 3 exchanges and can only be used once per battle. Neither combatant can use ghost type move(unless ghost type already then ghost power is doubled).

Songwriter's Feather Pen - Allows the user to permanently write one extra spell to the Book of Sheet Music and increases any effective ranges on spells by 1 foot.

Soloist's Piccolo - Allows the wielder to summon one extra bird type Natrelmon to the field. If after 3 exchanges all Natrelmon that were originally on the field (friendly only) are still there, you may swap out one of your creatures at no penalty and the creature that leaves will be fully restored (moves and health). The bird that you summon with this is now in place of the swapped creature. Once per battle.

Musician's Attire - Once all 5 pieces are assembled, the wielder can use the full armor. Black leather pants and an ornate vest will overlay a white shirt. While not granting much physical protection, the armor will augment the power of all friendly creatures by 1.5 and increase the effective range of all spells by 2 feet. This will also allow the Soloist's Piccollo and the Ring of the Departed Twin to be used twice per battle.
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Divine Armor (North)
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