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 Divine Armor (West)

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PostSubject: Divine Armor (West)   Divine Armor (West) I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 22, 2010 1:27 am

Sword of the Stone - A large, 5 foot stone blade is attached to a 2 foot handle. The weapon, to the wielder, behaves as if it's size were that of a 2 foot steel longsword. The stone it is made of is as durable as the Smith Queen's Steel. The blade, when struck against the earth, will create a fissure in a line 10 feet in front of the wielder. The fissure will open up to about a 3 foot gap at maximum separation and only 4 fissures can be on the field at once. The depth of the fissure is about 15 feet.

Stoneshield - A deceptively small stone targe worn on the left arm that is capable of expanding to completely cover the wearer. It is completely indestructable during this time, but the wearer cannot move the their arm as the shield fuses to the earth. It will only cover the front of the body. This effect cannot be used during flight, but the alternate effect can be used. Once per battle, 25 stone discs can be summoned from the targe. These discs will take a single blow of any level (disconnected attacks, not streams) then shatter. These float around the user at their control.

Pendant of the West - A pendant that contains as much water as 3 Pact of Waters.

Ring of Earth - A stone ring that extends the range of Geomancy by 6 feet. Allows the user to create a ring of earth around the wielder (up to 10 feet away) instantly for protection. It can only be used once per battle and requires contact with the ground. The walls of the ring are up to 7 feet in height and can be further manipulated by geomancy.

Polished Stone Belt - A belt set with polished stones. The belt grants the wearer the ability to grant a polished effect to any earth spell used for 3 posts (once per battle). This earth will reflect any energy based attack/spell.

Xianic Armor - Xianic armor is a complete plate armor set (with helm) that is made of stone. The wearer is granted immunity to all Water/Earth Type spells and techniques and, while they cannot swim, can survive underwater for 30 minutes without breath. The armor, once per battle, can provide immunity to the wearer to all attack types for 6 posts.

Clutches of the Sand - A pair of gloves that allow the user to turn their Geomancy to sand, or solidify sand for Geomancy or vice-versa. Extends the range of all earth based techniques/spells by 2 feet. Should an opponent be touched by the wearer, they are pulled 1 foot into the earth (if they are in contact with it).

Sandstorm Ring - A ring that grants the wearer the ability to create and Sandstorm within 20 feet around them. The caster is immune to the effects of their own storm and can manipulate it around friends. The storm will negate all attacks from all players for 3 posts and will deal earth damage to any opponent caught in the storm equal to half of their level. Sandstorm can only be summoned once per 26 posts.

Sand Queen's Locket - An old locket that possesses as much sand in it as 2 (individual created) pacts of water. Over the next 4 posts of use, it is poured onto the battlefield. May only be used once per battle.

Sandwalker's Boots - Allows the wearer to walk across sand as if it were earth (if chosen). In addition. Any normal earth within 4 feet of a boot is turned into sand. It reverts the moment the earth it out of reach of the boots.

Quicksand Belt - Allows the user to turn any bit of sand/earth within 15 feet of them into quicksand. Any creature that remains on the ground within the confines of the quicksand will be pulled under in 2 exchanges. The pool is 10 feet wide in each direction of the center point and lasts the duration of the battle. Can only be used once per battle.

Sand Queen's Robes - The sandy robes of the desert. These robes reduce the cooldown on Sandstorm by 6 posts and grant the user the ability to turn themselves and up to 2 friends/Natrelmon to sand. During this time they cannot attack, but are immune to all attacks and can move around the field. They can attempt to suffocate the opponents. The effect lasts 4 posts and can only be used once per battle.

Bow of the Seed Sower - A full sized yumi, the bow possesses the ability to seed targets hit with an arrow. There are 3 types of seed, Darxic, Lifeblood, and Travine. The first, if hit, will seed the opponent with a poisonous flower. It will, over 3 posts, grow a flower that secretes countdown poison (starting from 15). Lifeblood will drain a proportionate amount of health over 40 posts and give it to a chosen target after it has bloomed (3 posts). At the end of 40 posts, the target will be knocked out. The last will seed a vine that can be controlled and will entangle the opponent with a strong vine (3 posts to grow). The bow only possesses 40 arrows per battle.

Green Thumbed Glove - A forest green glove that grants that extends the range of all grass techniques/spells by 3 feet and cuts the growing time on any plant technique/spell by 1 post.

Seed of Yggdrasil - A seed that is attached to a chain and worn around the neck. The wearer is granted the ability to summon a child of the Yggdrasil Tree. The summoned tree, 25 feet in height, cannot move or attack, but cannot be destroyed. It can only be summoned once per battle and it cannot be moved. The tree can be sacrificed at any point to revive a single Natrelmon from death, but the revived creature must sacrifice one of it's types for the grass type. The creature gains access to a 'Child of Yggdrasil' move list. The range of all grass spells is extended by 4 feet.

Book of Natural Medicine - Once every month, the wielder can create a 'Natural' Medicine. The following medicines can be created at random and are selected by a timestamp (they can be stored)-
- Liquid of Untapped Talent - Grants 20000 XP to one creature - Dice roll of 100
- Liquid of Lesser Talent - Grants 5000 XP to one creature - Dice roll ending in 7
- Liquid of Restoration - Fully restores a Natrelmon's Health in battle - Dice roll ending in 8
- Immune Bolstering Liquid - Grants poison immunity to one creature for one month - Dice roll ending in 9
- Move Restore- Fully restores one chosen Natrelmon technique during battle - All other rolls

Plant Speaker's Cloak - Grants the wearer the ability to track one Natrelmon of their choice down per month. Cannot track VR-Legendary level.

Robes of the Legendary Commoner - The robes increase the power of all Grass Type by 3. They also extend the range of grass spells/techniques by 10 feet. Finally, they allow the wearer to summon a permanent Yggdrasil Tree. The tree must be placed on the farm and will allow eggs to hatch 3 days earlier and will immediately start at half the lowest parent's level. The tree will also increase all flying types to have EP+2 . As well, the tree gifts the ability to manipulate the Natrelmon eggs to remove or add the innate from a selected Natrelmon (if adding, select one Natrelmon to give an innate to the child).

Timekeeper's Staff - A black staff with a clock like symbol on the top of it. The staff grants the wielder the ability to use the Time Spellset.

Magician's Pocketwatch - A small golden pocketwatch that grants the wielder the ability to undo any part of a battle by reversing time and beginning at that point. The watch can only go back 10 posts and can only be used once every 2 weeks. As well, use of this item will reduce any experienced gained from the battle by 25%.

Beads of Silence - A series of wooden beads that dangle from the left hand. The beads will prevent any spellcasting for 5 posts when used. They can only be used once per battle.

Mark of Devotion - Initially, it is a small silver symbol worn around the neck. Once it is donned, it will tattoo the face and arms of the wearer with the symbols of each of the Four. The marks allow the wearer to use all of the 'Blessings'.

Carved Ring - A wooden ring with a symbol of the four on it. The Ring Acts as a Relic and when a creature is captured with it, it grants the creature access to a moveset. The moveset is chosen by the type of the creature. If the creature has a type in common with Suzaku, it will gain Suzaku's Moveset. However, if it has multiple in common, only one can be chosen. The creature within this relic can breed and the moveset will be passed. However, if it is transferred to another relic, the moveset will be lost to the former inhabitant (not to its offspring).

Robes of the Wandering Monk - The robes grant the wearer the wearer immunity to all Blessings used by a foe. In addition, it removes the negative experience effect to the Magician's Pocketwatch. The wearer of the robes can also grant an additional blessing to up to 3 people.
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Divine Armor (West)
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