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 Steel Type Moves

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PostSubject: Steel Type Moves   Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:43 pm

Elemental Quickfacts:

Weaknesses: Fire, Earth, Electric, Fighting
Resistances: Everything except Weaknesses and Water

Innate Ability: Supply Depot - Every Steel type Natrelmon has a Supply Depot. At the beginning of every battle a Steel type Natrelmon is able to fill its Supply Depot with the ranked abilities listed below.

The Steel type Natrelmon's Supply Depot has a limited amount of space, and every Ranked Ability takes up space. As the Natrelmon's level increases, the space in its Supply Depot increases. Space in the Supply Depot is equal to the Natrelmon's level.

Each Ranked Ability takes up space in the Supply Depot equal to its rank. Rank I takes up 1 space. Rank II takes up 2 spaces, etc etc.

Steel type Natrelmon have 5 trees to choose their Ranked moves from. Rank are from I to VII. In order to have Rank II, the Steel type Natrelmon must have Rank I. In order to have Rank III, Steel type Natrelmon must have Rank II and so on and so forth.

Steel type Natrelmon generate a resource known as <Ingots> every post. The amount of <Ingots> the Steel type Natrelmon generates is dependent on the number of Ranked Abilities in the Supply Depot. Each Ranked Ability generates <Ingots> equal to its Rank every post. If, for example, you had Ranks I - VII in one tree, you would generate 28 <Ingots> per post.

Innate Ability: Armoury - The Steel type Natrelmon is able to use <Ingots> to purchase ammunitions that are used to either use or enhance Ranked Abilities.


Note: Steel type shots travel at 15fps unless otherwise specified.

Mid-Range Tree - Having Mid-Range in the Supply Depot gives +1PA/MA/SPD and -3DEF



Defensive Tree - Having Defensive in the Supply Depot gives +3DEF, -2PA and -1 SPD



Sniper Tree - Having Sniper in the Supply Depot gives +2PA, +1MA and -2DEF



Siege Tree - Having Siege in the Supply Depot gives +2PA, +1MA and -3SPD



Close Combat Tree - Having in the Supply Depot grants +2PA, +1SPD and -2DEF


War Machine (-)
Level 15
After a non-AoE attack successfully hits the opponent, <Ingot> production is increased by 50% for the next post. This effect has a one exchange cooldown.

New Orders (1)
Level 28
Allows the Steel type Natrelmon to change its Supply Depot immediately, with no loss of <Ingots>.

Stockpile (2)
Level 35
For the next three posts: If you did not consume <Ingots> this post, you gain 100% of the <Ingots> you gained last turn.

Assembly Line (-)
Level 50
If you spend ingots on the same ammunition consecutively, the cost of the ammunition is reduced by 10% of its maximum amount. This stacks up to 5 times.

Apache Helicopter (-)
Level 100
The Steel type Natrelmon becomes an Apache Helicopter that its trainer immediately knows how to drive/use. This ability can only be used if the trainer is a Margrave.
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Steel Type Moves
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