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 Void Type Moves

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PostSubject: Void Type Moves   Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:30 pm

Innate: Ethereal - All void-type moves are neutrally effective. They cannot be less effective due to resistance, or more effective due to weakness.

Void Bolt (7)
Level 5

The user fires a ‘crystal-like’ (think the save crystals in FFXII) bolt of black void energy at the enemy, dealing moderate damage if hits. If Void Bolt collides with an energy-based attack, the energy based attack is sent to the void. This is most effective on “stream” type moves, like flamethrower.


Void Pulse (1)
Level 10

Sends a pulse of resonating energy from the body of the Void type to a maximum range of 3 feet outside the using Natrelmon. This diffuses any oncoming attack by destablising the matrix of its energy and banishing the energies to the void. Can destroy all energy-based attacks.


Recall (10)
Level 15
Calls forth a move or spell recently banished into the void and recreates it at whim of the using Natrelmon


Fade to Black (2)
Level 20
The using Natrelmon's body fades to black over two seconds, becoming a portal to the void that temporarily sends whatever collides with it into the void. Lasts for 7 seconds.


Abyssal Gaze (2)
Level 25

The user channels the void through its eyes, and stares at the enemy Natrelmon. Gazing into the using Natrelmon's eyes causes the victim's mind to reel in absolute terror, paralysing them completely for one post and dealing moderate psychic, dark and void damage.


Abyssal Spiral (1)
Level 30

Creates a spiral of energy that creates a one way gate into the void. The span of this is level/x. Lasts for the remainder of the battle.


Sever the Ties (1)
Level 35

The void-type Natrelmon sacrifices another live Natrelmon, and then severs one Natrelmon's ties to the void completely, destroying their connection to a relic. Can only be used one per month.


Akasha's Mirror (3)
Level 40

The user creates a solid circle of void energy in front of it, [level/5] feet diameter, that copies the exact composition of an attack and disperses it into the void. The same attack can be launched from any of Akasha's Mirrors, and the mirrors last for as long as the void-type wishes.
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Void Type Moves
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