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 Poison Type Moves

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PostSubject: Poison Type Moves   Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:40 pm

Elemental Quickfacts:

Weaknesses: Psychic, Wind
Resistances: Fighting

Innate Ability: Venomous Embrace

The Poison-type Natrelmon’s attacks give opponents varying amounts of stacks of Venom. Upon reaching [Enemy’s Level] stacks of Venom, the enemy Natrelmon becomes Envenomed, proccing additional effects from the Poison-type Natrelmon’s moves.

Whenever no new stacks of Venom have been applied within 3 exchanges, the enemy loses 20% of their Venom each exchange. If no new Venom has been applied within 7 exchanges, all stacks of Venom are lost.

“-toxin” moves can only be used if the Poison-type Natrelmon is within 15 feet of the enemy.

Miasmic Sphere [10]
Level 2
The Poison-type Natrelmon launches a sphere of coalesced mist at a target location. At the Poison-type Natrelmon’s will, or when it comes into contact with a physical object, the orb will explode in a [2 + [Level/10]] (rounded down) foot radius, dealing moderate Poison-type damage and giving the victim five stacks of Venom.

Miasmic Barrage [5]
Level 5
The Poison-type Natrelmon launches a cylinder of toxic mist, [10 + [Level/10]] feet long and four feet in diameter, from their body in a single direction. Any enemies that come into contact with the cylinder get seven stacks of Venom, plus three stacks of Venom every post they remain within the cylinder and every time they touch it thereafter.

Essence Leach [-]
Level 5
Whenever an enemy gains stacks of Venom, they take damage equal to [Venom]% of their current health.

Envenomed: Whenever Essence Leach is procced, the damage is instead maximum health.

Contamination [10]
Level 8
The Poison-type Natrelmon creates a small dart of coalesced poison and launches it in a direction at 20 feet per second. If Contamination hits an enemy, they gain [1 + [Level/10] stacks of Venom per exchange for the next [1 + [Level/10] exchanges.

Envenomed: Enemy Natrelmon within [10 + [Level/5] feet of the affected enemy gain stacks of Venom equal to the amount of stacks of Venom the affected enemy has.

Neurotoxin [3]
Level 10
Envenomed: At the beginning of each exchange, the enemy Natrelmon is slowed by 10%. Then, if the enemy Natrelmon is slowed by 50% or more by any Poison-type slowing effects, they are stunned for X seconds, where X is the number of times Neurotoxin slowed the enemy minus two. The stun duration is a minimum of two seconds.

Deep Infection [-]
Level 12
Whenever an enemy that has [Enemy Level/2] stacks of Venom or more moves, they are slowed by 15% for 3 exchanges. If they stop moving and then start moving again, the slows stack.

Envenomed: The slow cannot be removed while the victim is Envenomed.

Miasmic Aura [3]
Level 15
The Poison-type Natrelmon gains an aura of mist that surrounds them, [5 + [Level/10]] feet in radius, for two exchanges. Enemy Natrelmon that come into contact with the aura gain [Enemy Level/4] stacks of Venom, with a minimum of five.

Enemy Natrelmon that come into contact with the mist again gain three stacks of Venom.

Miasmic Blast [5]
Level 18
The Poison-type Natrelmon unleashes a larger (twice the size) Miasmic Sphere in a single direction. At any point along its path, the Poison-type Natrelmon can have the sphere split into two separate spheres which are both the same size as Miasmic Blast and both move in separate directions of the Poison-type Natrelmon’s choosing. The spheres can be then detonated at will, each creating an explosion of toxic mist double the size of Miasmic Sphere's. Each sphere that hits will add 5 stacks of Venom.

Infestation [10]
Level 20
The Poison-type Natrelmon marks a circle, [2 + [Level/10]] feet in diameter, on the ground. The circle fills with toxic mist and gains the power of a “-toxin” Poison-type move that they can use over the course of an exchange.

The Poison-type Natrelmon can then activate the circle at will, causing the area to apply the effect of the “-toxin” move to any enemy that stays within the circle for two or more exchanges. The circles dissipate after five exchanges.

Haemotoxin [2]
Level 20
Envenomed: The enemy Natrelmon begins to bleed internally, dealing small but constant damage for as long as they are Envenomed. Whenever additional stacks of Venom are applied, the damage increases by 25%. If Venom is applied three additional times, the Natrelmon will faint after three exchanges of Haemotoxin’s damage.

Festering Wounds [-]
Level 30
Enemies become Envenomed at [Level/10] less stacks of Venom.

Apoptoxin [1]
Level 40
Envenomed: The enemy’s body turns against itself, dealing 10% of its maximum health in damage to itself for every exchange that the enemy is Envenomed. The Enemy loses 10% of their stacks of Venom every exchange.

Necrotoxin [1]
Level 50
Envenomed: The enemy’s current health becomes their maximum health for the duration of the battle. This effect does not end if the enemy stops being Envenomed. Poison-type damage still uses the Natrelmon’s Maximum Health as if Necrotoxin had not been applied.

Suppuration [1]
Level 60
The Poison-type Natrelmon buffs their next Poison-type move, causing it to give all opponents hit the Suppuration debuff. Suppuration causes the Natrelmon to gain stacks of Venom equal to its current level every exchange for the next [1 + [Level/20]] exchanges. Poison-type damage applied to opponents under the effect of Suppuration is incapable of causing lethal damage, but any Natrelmon that is on the brink of death as Suppuration ends will die.

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Poison Type Moves
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