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 Grass Type Moves

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PostSubject: Grass Type Moves   Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:45 pm

Elemental Quickfacts:

Weaknesses: Fire, Ice, Wind
Resistances: Light, Water

Innate Ability: Spark of Life

At the beginning of each exchange, the Grass-type Natrelmon gains [Level] Lifecharges. While the Grass-type Natrelmon is within the light of a Globe of Ielle, they gain twice this amount.

Gaiashock [10] | 5
Level 2

The Grass-type Natrelmon coalesces natural energy into a soccer-ball sized projectile that travels at 15 fps. Gaiashock deals minor Grass-type damage to targets that it hits.

Dormant Life: The plant has the effect of Spark of Life. The plant can sacrifice 25 Lifecharges to create a seed within ten feet of itself once.

Dormant Life [2] | 50
Level 5
The Grass-type Natrelmon places a seed in the ground within ten feet of themselves. The seed will grow into a plant upon being hit by a Grass-type move. Depending on which move hits it, it grows into a different type of seed.

The Grass-type Natrelmon can only expend Lifecharges to use Dormant Life when they have 100 or more Lifecharges.

Life Grip [1] | 20
Level 7
The Grass-type Natrelmon harnesses the inherent life force within all beings, pulling a friendly Natrelmon or plant to themselves. If the Natrelmon would pull a Rampant Growth plant to themselves, they may instead pull themselves to the plant's location.

Lifestream [20]
Level 10
The Grass-type Natrelmon channels to create a beam of life energy, one foot in diameter, that travels at 15 fps. Lifestream deals moderate continuous Grass-type damage to enemies that it comes into contact with.

Dormant Life: The plant created by Lifestream heals all allies within a 10 foot radius of the plant for [Lifecharges/10]% of their maximum health at the beginning of each exchange they are within its range. The heal can only be applied once every three exchanges.

Surge of Life [1]
Level 15
Active: The Grass-type Natrelmon creates a seed that within 10 feet of themselves that creates a plant with the ability to shoot up to two Gaiashocks that cannot heal per exchange.

Passive: The Grass-type Natrelmon's Gaiashock is empowered, allowing a use of it to be expended in order to heal themselves for 10% of their maximum health.

Deadly Blossom [5]
Level 17
The Grass-type Natrelmon marks an area on the ground, one foot in radius, and can sacrifice multiples of 10 Lifecharges to increase this radius by one foot, up to a maximum of ten feet. After three seconds, thorns rise from the area, dealing strong Grass-type damage to all enemies hit. If a seed created by Dormant Life is within the radius of Deadly Blossom, it will immediately sprout and deal damage.

Dormant Life: Seeds that are hit by Deadly Blossom turn into plants that create a cloud of pollen in a [Level/4] foot radius around themselves, causing any Natrelmon within it to gain a stack of "Leeching Seeds" every exchange they remain within it.

For every stack of "Leeching Seeds" that an enemy has, they take 1% of their maximum health in damage at the beginning of every exchange, healing the Grass-type Natrelmon for an equal amount. Stacks of "Leeching Seeds" last for four exchanges.

Siphoning Seeds [1]
Level 20
The Grass-type Natrelmon creates a plant within twenty feet of themselves that creates an aura within a fifteen foot radius of itself. Attacks within the aura are empowered, causing them to leech an enemy's potential, stealing a use of their move with the closest level to the move that hit them (at the user's discretion if there is a tie) and restore one use of a move of equal level.

Infusion of Life [10]
Level 25
The Grass-type Natrelmon marks an area on the ground, one foot in diameter. At the beginning of the next exchange, an explosion of life energy is unleashed from the marked area, [Level/10] feet in radius. The explosion deals strong Grass-type damage to enemies, and heals allies for 5% of their maximum health.

Dormant Life: If ? hits a seed, it will become a plant that spits Gaiashocks at enemies at a rate of one every three exchanges. If the Grass-type Natrelmon has the Poison-type, these Gaiashocks will apply  [3 + [Level/10]] Venom to the enemy.

Natural Order [1]
Level 30
The Grass-type Natrelmon converts any number of seeds created by Dormant Life into Parasitic Seeds, which become invisible and will attach themselves to any enemy that moves within three feet of them.

Over the course of three exchanges the seed will grow, causing different effects. When the seed is fully grown, all three of the growing effects will be applied at the beginning of each exchange until the plant is destroyed or otherwise removed.

At the beginning of the first exchange, the affected Natrelmon will take [Lifecharges/10]% of its maximum health in damage. This damage caps at 25% of its maximum health. When the plant is fully grown, it is instead capped at 10% of its maximum health.

At the beginning of the second exchange, the affected Natrelmon will gain a debuff that slows them by 10% that stacks up to ten times. The debuff lasts for two exchanges.

At the beginning of the third exchange, the Grass-type Natrelmon will gain 25 Lifecharges, and another 25 Lifecharges whenever the affected Natrelmon takes damage.

Symbiosis [-]
Level 35
The Grass-type Natrelmon can now place its Dormant Life seeds on allies and choose a plant at any point. Whenever the Grass-type Natrelmon chooses a plant, the seed immediately blooms into the chosen plant. While an ally carries a seed with them, the Grass-type Natrelmon is able to use the Level 2 and Level 5 moves for all types that the seeded ally has.

Renewal [-]
Level 40
Whenever the Grass-type Natrelmon would gain Lifecharges, they can instead heal themselves for [Lifecharges Gained/10]% of their maximum. This effect has a five exchange cooldown.

Return to Nature [1]
Level 45
The Grass-type Natrelmon creates a plant within five feet of themselves that releases a burst of cleansing energy in a ten foot radius sphere every other exchange. All allies affected by the cleansing energy are Purged.

Harmonise [2]
Level 50
The Grass-type Natrelmon channels for three exchanges, restoring one use of all of its moves except Harmonise for each exchange that it channels.

Dormant Life: While channelling, the Grass-type Natrelmon can create a plant within three feet of themselves that emits an aura of harmonic energy in a ten foot radius. Unfriendly Natrelmon and all attacks cannot pass through the aura. The plant lasts for three exchanges, but 50 Lifecharges can be expended to increase the duration of the plant by one exchange. This effect can only occur once per Harmonise.

Essence of the World Tree [-]
Level 80
The Grass-type Natrelmon can transform one of its plants per battle into a Sapling of Yggdrasil.

The Sapling of Yggdrasil is a tree that creates an aura of energy within a fifty foot radius of itself, doubling the Lifecharge generation of all friendly Natrelmon and plants within it. While within the Aura, the Grass-type Natrelmon's plants (except the Sapling of Yggdrasil) cannot be destroyed by any means, and the Grass-type Natrelmon can expend 100 Lifecharges to create a barrier equal in strength and dimensions to a Greater Wall within the aura. This barrier will dissipate any magic that comes into contact with it, except Phytomancy.
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Grass Type Moves
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