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 Crystal Type Moves

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PostSubject: Crystal Type Moves   Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:31 pm

Elemental Quickfacts: Crystal

Weaknesses: Light
Resistances: All, except Ghost

Innate Ability: Resonance

Crystal types take 20% less damage from all attacks. Whenever an attack of a given type hits a Crystal type Natrelmon, the Crystal type Natrelmon gains a stack of Resonance. The Crystal type takes 5% less damage from all attacks of that type, stacking until 75%, for each stack of Resonance it has. If the Natrelmon is hit by an attack that is of a different type while it has this buff, all stacks of Resonance are immediately lost.

In addition, all Crystal types have +2 Defence.

Harmonise [-]
Level 5
The Natrelmon attunes its energy to its Resonance. Harmonise deals 75% base damage (of an equivalent level 5 move), but for every stack of Resonance, the base damage increases by 5%. This effect stacks indefinitely. Harmonise is a beam of energy that travels at 15 feet per second.

Radiance [-]
Level 7
The user now has a field of protective energy within [Level/2] feet radius. This field allows the Crystal type Natrelmon to use various abilities that affect friendly Natrelmon within the field.

Radiance: Refraction [2 + Level/20]
Level 10
The Crystal type Natrelmon channels its energy throughout the Radiance field, causing all attacks within it to shift to the type that the Crystal type currently has Resonance for.

Transference [3]
Level 14
The Crystal type Natrelmon is able to suddenly shift its resonance to another type, keeping all stacks of resonance but attuning them to a different type.

Radiance: Nullification [Level/4]
Level 16
A passive ability that the Crystal type Natrelmon can turn on or off. While active, Nullification strengthens all barriers and friendly Abjuration spells within it. Whenever a barrier or friendly Abjuration spell is hit while this effect is on, the barrier/spell can take one extra hit, and the Crystal type Natrelmon gains one stack of Resonance. Each time Nullification buffs a Barrier/Abjuration spell, one use is expended.

Radiance: Martyr [2 Stacks of Resonance]
Level 20
The Crystal type Natrelmon empowers the Radiance field, causing all damage any friendly Natrelmon would take for the next exchange to be dealt to the Crystal type instead. This produces half of the Resonance an attack would normally produce, to a minimum of 5% Resonance.

Crystal Prisms [-]
Level 24
The Crystal type Natrelmon is able to  automatically create Crystal "Prisms" (Again, think the save crystal from FFXII). Whenever it starts a battle, or whenever no Prism is currently being made, the Crystal type Natrelmon is able to select a location that is within its Radiance field, and over 3 exchanges a Crystal Prism will form. These Prisms amplify the Crystal type Natrelmon's attacks if they pass through them, and the Trainer is also able to cast spells from the Prisms at 150% normal power.

The Crystal Prisms have an AS of 1 and can be independently moved within the Crystal type Natrelmon's Radiance field.

Crystal Prisms are as tall as the using Natrelmon, and as wide as the crystal in the following picture (proportionally):


Radiance: Imbuement [-]
Level 27
The Crystal Prisms now have their own Radiance field, each equal to half of the Crystal type Natrelmon's in all dimensions.

One With Everything [3]
Level 30
The Crystal type Natrelmon's Resonance extends to all move types for the next 3 exchanges.

Radiance: Bastion [-]
Level 34
The Crystal type Natrelmon may now imbue any of its Prisms with its stacks of Resonance (This removes the Resonance from the Crystal type Natrelmon). For every 2 stacks of Radiance that a Prism possesses, everything within its Radiance gets an additional + in Defence.

Consuming Light [-]
Level 38
The Crystal type Natrelmon creates a wall of light in between two of its Prisms that have 2 or more stacks of Resonance. This wall of light has strength equal to a greater wall, and for every two exchanges it remains active, one stack of Resonance from each Prism it is connected to is removed. If the Consuming Light is deactivated before a stack of Resonance is removed, Consuming Light cannot be used again for 5 seconds and a stack of Resonance is lost.

Radiance: Reflection [-]
Level 43
The Crystal-type Natrelmon's Crystal Prisms and Consuming Light now reflect attacks that hit them, as long as the attack came from a Natrelmon whose level is equal to or less than half of the Crystal type Natrelmon's level. For barriers and such, reflecting the attack will count as the barrier taking one hit. This level is 1 higher for each point in defence that the Crystal type Natrelmon has and any of its allies have gained from Resonance: Bastion.

Diamond Dust [-]
Level 50
The Crystal type Natrelmon is able to shatter any Crystal Prism currently in its aura, dealing moderate Crystal damage within 5 yards of the Crystal and increasing all damage affected targets take by 10% for the remainder of the battle.

Radiance: Sanctuary [2]
Level 56
For the next two exchanges, the Crystal type Natrelmon attracts all unfriendly Magical attacks (of both Natrelmon and Trainers) to itself. All attacks that strike the Crystal type Natrelmon during this period give double the amount of Resonance.

[b]Radiance: Bastion [-]
Level 60
For the remainder of the battle, the Crystal-type Natrelmon encases an ally in crystal armour. They now act as a Crystal Prism and benefit from all of the Crystal-type Natrelmon's Resonance.
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Crystal Type Moves
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