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 Ice-type Moves

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PostSubject: Ice-type Moves   Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:47 pm

Elemental Quickfacts:

Weaknesses: Fire, Earth
Resistances: Grass, Water

Innate Ability: Permafrost

Whenever a victim is hit by an ice attack, the ice sticks to their body and accumulates over time, growing by 25% of its current area every post, to a maximum of [Level/5] square feet of ice. In addition, all victims that have been hit by ice have all beneficial effects (such as healing) that would affect them have their efficacy reduced by 50%. If the victim is fully coated in ice, this is increased to 100%. In addition, all capture rolls on wild natrelmon completely coated in ice are reduced by 20.


Frostbolt [20]
Level 2

A bolt of icy energy is fired that coats the area of impact with ice that is equal to [Level/5] feet. This travels at 10 fps.

Hypothermia [-]
Level 5

Whenever a Natrelmon escapes from the user's ice (after being near-fully coated), the effects linger. This reduces their movement speed by 50% and causes their moves to be at half power for three exchanges. The victims are visibly ill, and if Hypothermia compounds three times, they will be unable to battle.

Creeping Ice [5]
Level 7

The user can expend one use of this move to cause ice to grow at 10% of its volume per post. This does not require channeling, but will stop if any of the ice is lost. Wild Natrelmon completely covered in ice with this move have an additional 20 removed from their capture rolls.

Shatter [3]
Level 10

Shatter causes all ice that the ice-type Natrelmon has made to instantly shatter inwards. If a natrelmon is coated by this ice, it will deal heavy damage to them. There is a 10% chance that the affected Natrelmon will die if they are completely coated in ice.

Winter's Chill [7]
Level 12

The user channels a thin, blue-white beam of ice at a given location. The beam travels at 15 feet per second. Upon hitting something, the beam gives it one frost charge. Each frost charge a victim has slows its movement by 10%. Upon reaching 10 frost charges the victim will have its legs and arms entirely cased in ice. The user may channel Winter's Chill and Blizzard simultaneously. If the affected Natrelmon is in snow while Winter's Chill hits them, the snow touching them immediately freezes and adds to the ice on their body.

Blizzard [9]
Level 15

A swirling blizzard around the using Natrelmon. This move can be constantly channeled (forever if need be) but is disrupted by contact and other moves. It is not capable of dealing heavy damage, but deals a constant ice type damage over a radius of [level/2]. It also drops approximately [Level/10] inches of snow for every post. Gains 2 more uses at level 50 and increases snowfall to [Level/5] inches per post. If Blizzard is maintained for 8 posts it sustainable on its own for 8 posts. Once every three exchanges, the Blizzard can deflect a single projectile that would enter its bounds.

Snowfall [5]
Level 18

The user chills water in the air, and causes [Level/5] inches of snow to instantly fall in a 10ft diameter area. Snowfall is able to be used while channeling moves. If Snowfall is used while Blizzard is being channeled, instead [Level/2] inches of snow fall.

Endless Winter [2]
Level 20

The user can channel this move endlessly if need be. If there is no ice around the user, Endless Winter creates a [level/10] inch thick sheet of ice on the floor that spreads outwards at 2 fps. Endless Winter's ice can only extend to Blizzard's Radius.

In addition, any unfriendly Natrelmon that stays within the Blizzard for two exchanges has all of its remaining move usages halved.

Hailstorm [-]
Level 20
The Ice type Natrelmon is now able to change their Blizzard from being snow-based to being hail-based once per 5 seconds. The hail deals moderate ice damage, but does not contribute to snowfall.

Hibernate [3]
Level 22

While in snow, for each post, the Natrelmon's health is restored for every 1 inch of snow it is in (one inch would be 1 percent of health) for every post it stays in a hibernation status. While Hibernating, the Ice-Type Natrelmon may channel any ice-type move, but may only channel that one move for the duration of its hibernation.

Whiteout [-]
Level 25

After every 3 posts of Blizzard, Whiteout's effect will happen. During this time, the area under Blizzard's effect is impossible to see through, and 5 inches of snow immediately fall. Also during this time, for the duration of the post Whiteout happens, air based techniques on par with the level of the Blizzard using Natrelmon are easily disrupted.

In addition, for every whiteout that occurs, all ice in the area is repaired if it was shattered, adding to ice on the floor.

Coldsnap [2]
Level 25

For the next 2 exchanges, all non-friendly Natrelmon caught within Blizzard are coated in [Level/25] square feet of ice per post.

Impale [4]
Level 28

The user can channel impale to cause large icy spikes to rise up from any ice surface they are currently connected to. These spikes raise at 12 feet per second, and are [Level/5] feet high. Impale has a 1 foot radius.

Deep Freeze [3]
Level 30

The user sends a dim white glow throughout all of its ice on the floor. For the next exchange, any Natrelmon that comes into contact with this ice has the entire limb covered in ice.

Frozen Power [-]
Level 33

The Ice type Natrelmon can now move while channeling Ice type moves, as long as it remains within snow.

Frozen Heart [-]
Level 35

The user can now channel Blizzard for 4 posts and cause it to be sustainable on its own for 8 posts. The Blizzard will not be in Hail form unless it was sustained in Hail form for 2 posts prior to it sustaining itself.

Glaciate [-]
Level 40

The Ice type Natrelmon's ice now burns the victim with cold, causing it to take continuous ice damage where ice is coating the victim. This damage increases as the ice increases, and if a Natrelmon is completely coated in ice it has 3 posts to live.

Glacial Chasm [2]
Level 50

The Ice type Natrelmon splits a sheet of ice they control in half, creating a potentially massive chasm. All Natrelmon that fall into this chasm are completely coated in ice, and the chasm reseals around it. However, if no Natrelmon fall into this chasm, the entire sheet of ice is shattered beyond repair.

Permanent Whiteout [-]
Level 50

Once a whiteout is triggered, Blizzard's duration is increased by 5 posts. For the remainder of the battle, a Whiteout at the location will persist regardless of a Blizzard. Within this Whiteout, the Ice-type Natrelmon is invisible to all hostile targets until it moves or performs non-Blizzard moves.
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Ice-type Moves
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