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 Fighting Type Moves

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PostSubject: Fighting Type Moves   Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:42 pm

Weaknesses: Wind, Psychic
Resistances: Earth, Dark

Innate Ability: Battle Trance

Whenever a Fighting-type Natrelmon deals damage, takes damage or is crowd controlled, they gain a stack of Battle Trance for the next three exchanges. Whenever the Fighting-type Natrelmon has no Battle Trance, they gain the buff “Warming Up” for two exchanges. When “Warming Up” ends, the Fighting-type Natrelmon gains [3 + [Level/20]] Battle Trance.

Assault [5]
Level 2
The next melee attack will generate an additional Battle Trance and knock the target back by [1 + [Battle Trance]] feet.

If the Fighting-type Natrelmon has 10 or more Battle Trance, the attack will also proc Forceful Impact without sacrificing any Battle Trance. This effect is not applied if the enemy Natrelmon has any stacks of Impact.

Forceful Impact [-]
Level 5
Once every three exchanges, the Fighting-type Natrelmon gains an additional stack of Battle Trance upon dealing damage.

Whenever the Fighting-type Natrelmon deals damage, the victim gets [Battle Trance/2] (rounded down) stacks of Impact. Upon reaching 6 stacks of Impact, the victim is knocked back [Battle Trance] feet and heavily wounded, dealing 20% of their maximum health in damage. Stacks of Impact only last for three exchanges.

The Fighting-type Natrelmon loses half of their Battle Trance whenever they proc Forceful Impact.

Sparring [-]
Level 8
The Fighting-type Natrelmon can, once every five exchanges, lose any number of stacks of Battle Trance. At the beginning of the next exchange, they gain stacks of Battle Trance equal to double the number of stacks they forfeited.

War Stomp [2]
Level 10
The Fighting-type Natrelmon immediately comes to a halt. Half of their Battle Trance is converted into a wave of force [Battle Trance] feet long and [Battle Trance/2] feet wide. Enemies hit by the wave of force take no damage but are knocked back up to [Battle Trance] feet.

Surprising Speed [2]
Level 12
The Fighting-type Natrelmon immediately moves up to [Battle Trance] feet in any cardinal direction except upwards. Surprising Speed cannot be used if the Natrelmon would be obstructed by anything during their path, and the Natrelmon must have at least 7 Battle Trance.

Unrelenting Assault [-]
Level 15
Whenever the Fighting-type Natrelmon has 10 or more stacks of Battle Trance, once they start moving to use a melee attack they cannot be stopped by any means.

Whenever the Fighting-type Natrelmon takes damage while using Unrelenting Assault, they lose a stack of Battle Trance.

Whenever the Fighting-type Natrelmon successfully damages an opponent, they gain back all stacks of Battle Trance lost by this effect.

Constant Beatdown [2]
Level 20
For the next three exchanges, whenever the Fighting-type Natrelmon procs Forceful Impact, it is procced an additional number of times equal to the amount of times it has been procced before.

Lingering Wounds [-]
Level 20
Whenever the Fighting-type Natrelmon deals Fighting-type damage to an enemy, that enemy gains Grievous Wounds for three exchanges.

Thundering Blows [2]
Level 26
The Fighting-type Natrelmon's melee attacks deal double damage and create craters [Level/10] feet in diameter in the ground around the target that they hit for the next two exchanges. This effect is immediately lost if the Fighting-type Natrelmon has less than 7 stacks of Battle Trance.

Alarming Speed [2]
Level 30
The Fighting-type Natrelmon performs Surprising Speed, and then performs it again. No Battle Trance is required to use this ability, but half of the Fighting-type Natrelmon's Battle Trance is lost upon using it.
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Fighting Type Moves
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