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 Divine Armor (East)

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PostSubject: Divine Armor (East)   Divine Armor (East) I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 22, 2010 1:29 am

Tiger's Claws (Hands) - A thick leather glove with metal plating over the top of the hand. This curves into clawlike blades that extend about a 6 inches from the top of the hand. There is also metal plating to cover the top of the fingers when folded under the blades. The blades are attached to a chain (they are not seperable) which, once per 10 posts (each hand), can be launched with Kazemancy at a target. The chains have a range of about 15 feet and can only be extended for 2 posts, but they can be manipulated if the user has Metalurgy.

Tiger's Claws (Feet) - Leather sandals with metal plating over the top of the foot which extends into claws similar to the hand's. These, like the hands, can launch out once every 10 posts, but have a range of 7.5 feet. At sacrifice, they allow the user to jump about 10 feet in the air and use the 'Wind's Whisper', which moves the wearer 5 feet in any direction instantly and silently. This can only be done once per 20 posts.

Wind Chimes - A series of metal bracelets that run up the right arm. They extend the effective range of Kazemancy by 3 feet.

Tigerseye Rings - A pair of ring set with gems set into them that look like a cat's eye. The rings grant the effect Clearsight, which allows you to see in the dark with ease.

Sirocco Sash - A silvery sash that moves as if it were made of the wind. The sash grants the ability to create a strong wind around the user without having Kazemancy. This shell will deflect any attack with physical substance. With Kazemancy, this sash will allow this wind to become an attack, creating a violent windstorm in a 15 foot area around the user.

Battlecry of the Eastern Wind - The full armor set of Byakko, only obtainable once all 5 pieces are assembled. The upper body is only shielded by a shoulderpad on the right shoulder with an arced blade over it. A small, white shirt, that splits over the midriff and a metal targe on the left arm, is all that accompanies the shoulder pad for the upper body. The lower body dons black pants with metal shinguards. The effects of this armor set are a reduction of Wind's Whisper by 2 exchanges, as well as increasing the effective range of Kazemancy by 2 feet. In addition, once per 30 posts, any wind based attack or defense can be laced with metal sharpnel.

Spear of Many Secrets - The weapon said to have been originally designed by Suzuno for battle. The weapon appears to be a normal metal spear, but it is surprisingly light and very wieldable by the smallest of people. The weapon is capable of separating into 3 sections as well as firing needles from the area around the spear's blade (100 in total) as well as launch the spear's blade on a chain (once per 10 posts, can be manipulated user with the SFWR) and launch the weighted bottom of the staff (once per 10 posts, can be manipulated by user with the SFWB).

Self Forged Wedding Ring - Suzuno's Ring, 'given' to her by Byakko. The ornate silver band is woven of thin metal strands which appear fragile. The creation of this item was because there was no workmanship that Suzuno could accept other than her own. The ring grants the wielder the ability to manipulate the metal on the Spear of Many Secrets. Once per 20 posts, it can create 100 needles which can be reloaded into the Spear with the ability, or used as throwing weapons.

Metalsmith's Shield - Each arm has a 2 foot shield half on it. When forced together (innately by magic), it grows to completely cover the front of the wielder. This can only be held for 2 posts and will take the effects of the attack such as heating or conducting electricity. At sacrifice of some of the damage, the wielder can direct 80% of the original attack back at the opponent. Poison attacks cannot be captured. At maximum, this can only be done once per 16 posts.

Secretkeeper's Locket - A locket that no one knows what is inside of. Once per battle, the wielder can open the locket and unleash the power inside of it. Light will wash out from it and over the battlefield. Once school of spells will be sealed off for 6 posts before being restored at 1.5 times the power. This will affect both users and the wielder selects the spell's school (Kaze, Cryo, Pyro, etc).

Lifeforge Crown- A thin metal ring runs around the head of the wearer, granting them the ability to use the Lifeforge. Once per 30 posts, the user can create a metal clone of any creature on the field. This creature is 10 levels below the selected creature and cannot use any of the innates of it, but can use the inntaes of a selected steel type creature. The created creature lasts for 3 exchanges and has all of the types of the original creature + steel. This creature cannot breed.

Armor of the Smith Queen - A full plate battle armor in a brilliant white. Accenting silver and gold markings embelish the metal and make it a work of art. There is no helm for the armor and the cape that comes with the armor is made of woven metal. In addition to providing a physical defense, it allows the wearer to turn any of their mancy spells into liquid metal for 3 exchanges (except for Cryomancy and Geomancy - liquid metal behaves like it is Hydromancy but can be frozen at will) once every 12 posts. After the 12 posts, all liquid metal will disappear.

Repenter's Blade - A ninjato said to have been possessed by a master thief, who turned from her selfish ways. The blade possesses the ability to reverse the effects of any one technique on you or your allies and give them to the person hit by this weapon. It also does physical damage.

Assassin's Dagger - The boot dagger of the master thief. The dagger's blade can only cause physical damage after it has passed through another object, to which it does no damage. This creates a weapon that cannot be blocked initially by another. Can be thrown.
Mask of Pure Breath - This mask covers the lower face and allows the user to breath under water for 10+ minutes without getting breath and grants immunity to all airborn toxins.

Bag of Stolen Goods - The Satchel possesses the unique trait to duplicate an item (at random) if the opponent is touched by the wielder. The bag will not allow this to be done to business partners/allies and will destroy any created item if the wielder tries to violate this. This can only be done once per person, per month. All items the opponent owns will be numbered 1-60 (money cannot be separated and works as a lump sum). A thief post will occur and the secondtime of the posting will decide which item is created. The opponent will still retain the original item while the wielder will gain a copy. Natrelmon in Relics do NOT count as items. Armor items cannot be duplicated and will just be considered stolen.

Crest of the Master Thief - This simple ring grants any Natrelmon the wielder has in battle the ability to use the Thieves Techniques.

Armor of the Fickle Fox - Once all 5 items are assembled, the wielder gains the ability to use the Armor of the Fickle Fox. This covers the user in a black body suit with a thin chest, shoulder, and leg armor on the front. This also grants the user the ability, once per 20 posts, to phase through any object.

Staff of Black Magic - A bejeweled black staff that possesses the ability to extend the effective range of one mancy spell by 12 feet and the range of all other spells by 6 feet.

Black Magic Spellbook - The wearer can chose one of two effects. They can either use the tome to house both the Solar and Lunar Spells or double the power of the Lunar Spells. This would extend the range of Lunar Execution by 10 feet, both in casting distance and overall area, as well as doubling the number of Rising Crescents, allowing Moons Sanctum to be cast while moving and in battle, and finally allow Night Shroud to create a fog that enemies cannot physically see through.

Ring of Charging - Once per battle, the wearer may store any mancy spell into the ring for 3 posts. After that, the effective range of the mancy is extended by 12 feet (stacks with the staff) and the damage power of the spell is increased by 2 within the original range of the spell and halved when it extends beyond it.

Hand of Corruption - A glove worn on the left hand that allows the wearer to double the power of a Dark Type Natrelmon, or turn any Natrelmon into a Dark type (it will replace a type if the creature has 4 types and just add for anything below). This can be used on an oppponent's Natrelmon and can only be done once per battle.

Blackfire Pendent - Increases the effective range of Pyromancy and Shadow Spells by 6 feet. Reduces the power of any ice based spells by 50 percent.

Runic Robes of the Black Wolf - The full armor set of the Black Wolf is gained when all 5 pieces are assembled. Once gathered, the wearer can don the black and silver robes. These are inscribed with magical symbols. The robes increase the effective range of all spells by an addition 7 feet. In addition, they negate the power reduction of the Blackfire Pendant to ice spells. Finally, they increase the power of all Dark Type Natrelmon by 1.5 and increase the power of shadow spells by 1.5.
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Divine Armor (East)
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