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 Divine Armour - Royal's Set

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PostSubject: Divine Armour - Royal's Set   Divine Armour - Royal's Set I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2012 9:11 pm


Valor is a longsword that seems to have been forged out of solid gold due to the lustrous sheen of the blade. Actually meeting the blade in combat dispels this theory quickly, however, as it is hard to the point of seeming unbreakable, eternally resolute in its struggle. The sword is decorated with glorious crimsons and golds, and the pommel of the sword is engraved with words that have long-since faded into illegibility, but the feeling of duty and resolute intent has not left the blade.

Valor has the ability to, once every four exchanges, project a line of searing hot light from the tip of the sword up to a maximum distance of forty feet away from the tip. If the light touches an enemy Trainer or Natrelmon, they suffer moderate Light and Fire-type damage and the Bearer of Valor is able to teleport themselves behind the target in a flash of light.


Justice is a heater shield with a more pronounced point towards the bottom, and is decorated lavishly with gemstones and golden filigree. The shield looks fit to be wielded by a monarch of some kind, and its boisterous crimson tones give away its regal bearings in an instant. Etched into the metal of the shield is a drawing of a roaring lion, and the gold filigree that coats the shield seems to substitute for its mane, leading to a surprisingly lifelike image. The lion’s eyes are brilliant gemstones that still seem to sparkle as if held in the sun, despite the shield having been hidden from its glorious rays for so long.

Justice surges light into anything it hits, stunning it for one second if it is a Trainer or a Natrelmon, with a cooldown of three exchanges. The shield can also emit a 180 degree arc of blinding light once every seven exchanges. The surface of Justice is almost completely immune to magic.

Key to the Kingdom

The Key to the Kingdom is an auspicious-looking golden key hung from a braid of fiery crimson. The Key does not look like it will fit any real lock, but gives off an aura that suggests the lock that it fits might not be physical.

The Bearer of the Key to the Kingdom gains the ability to transform their current farm into a Kingdom (complete with walls, towers and a castle), which is a farm of maximum size and has all upgrades. At the beginning of every month, when rolls reset, the Bearer gains a stipend from the Kingdom of N5,000. They Key can only be passed on voluntarily or through death.

Line of Succession


Whenever the Bearer of the Line of Succession first wears the crown, a piece of their soul is split from their body and is drawn into the crown, which imbues it with all of their Gifts, their knowledge of Schools of Magic, and any other beneficial trait that they wish to pass on. The Bearer of the Line of Succession can telepathically communicate with all of the previous Bearers of the Line of Succession.

Crest of Royalty

The Crest of Royalty is a fine, velvety cloak that seems to have been spun from swathes of sunlight itself; its presence is given away by soft oranges, crimsons and golds before the cape itself comes into sight. The edges of the cloak are a fine white, and the clasp that binds it around a regent's neck is comprised of two rubies, bound in solid gold.

Once every ten exchanges, the Crest of Royalty can call down a beam of sunlight from the heavens, marking an area ten feet in diameter. After three seconds, sunlight cascades down onto marked area, stunning all enemies within for three seconds.

Additionally, the Crest of Royalty gives the Bearer an aura of fiery sunlight within a fifteen foot diameter of themselves which deals small but constant Light-type and Fire-type damage to all enemies and is a permanent light source.
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Divine Armour - Royal's Set
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