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 Divine Armour - Commoner's Set

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PostSubject: Divine Armour - Commoner's Set   Divine Armour - Commoner's Set I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2012 9:10 pm

Bow of the World Tree
A beautiful white Yumi said to be crafted from a bough of the world tree. When the string is drawn on the bow, the bow will form an energy of natural energy (grass) which can be launched at an opponent. The bow starts every battle with full charge (100 Life Charges) which can be expended. It gains 1 Lifecharge per turn. If a Grass type is under the control of the wielder, then they can utilize their Natrelmon's lifecharges. The effects of the arrow are the same as the effects of Giashock.

Fires phytomancy seeds.

Seed of the World Tree
An ancient seed of the World Tree.

When planted on a farm, it will draw wild Natrelmon of a singular zone to it, allowing the bearer to preform a bonus wild roll every week on their plot.

Additionally, Seed of the World Tree allows the bearer to utilize the Wall spell independent of having the skill in Abjuration. Should the owner be silenced, this spell can still be cast.

Seed of the World Tree can only be passed if the tree created from it is destroyed or the wielder dies.

Plant Speaker's Cloak
A cloak that allows the wearer to track a singular Natrelmon down once a month, even if they haven't seen it. Cannot be used on VR or L Natrelmon. Additionally provides immunity to grass type moves for the wearer.

Book of Ancient Remedies
An ancient herbal remedy tome. The bearer of this tome gains access to the ancient herbal knowledge from the First War.

In order to gather herbs, the trainer rolls an additional dice to their Natrelmon searches. This die relates to the number of herbs found. Herbs can only be gathered once a week.  With their herbs, they are capable of creating powerful and unique remedies for themselves or others. The # of herbs in the find is in relation to number in the ones spot. An 8 would yield 8 Snow Lilies. A 25 would yield 5 Blessed White Lotus.

Herb rolls:
Snow Lily - 1-10
Waterfall Orchid - 11-20
Blessed White Lotus - 21-30
Dragonroot - 31-40
Sky Lily - 41-50
Cat's Nip - 51-60
Suzaku's Light - 61-70
Rascheri - 71-80
2 Types of herbs of choice - 81-90
4 Types of herbs of choice - 91-99
2 Leaves of the World Tree + 10 of each other herb - 100

Using the herbs, trainers can make a variety of elixirs and potions.

Draught of Indolence

Elixir of Avarice
Doubles all gold income for the next 7 days, but also doubles all gold loss (by other players).

Elixir of Haunting
Reduces all damage done by the drinker and his/her Natrelmon by 10%. If there is a ghost type Natrelmon on the Wild Chart you are searching on, you may encounter it instead of rolling (does not work on VR or Legendary).

Prismatic Elixir
Eliminates all type weakness, but also eliminates all type advantages.

Elixir of Golden Eggs
Natrelmon given this Elixir do not produce offspring, but instead, produce golden eggs worth 1000 N.

Infusion of New Life
If drunk by two Natrelmon of breeding capabilities, they no longer breed, but are spiritually bound for the duration of the breeding time. They no longer produce offspring, but are now infused with the abilities of the offspring. For example, a level 27 Crowire and level 24 Atrixus are given this elixir. Instead of offspring, they are now a level 27 Atriwire and level 24 Atriwire.

Green-Thumbed Glove

Once every 10 exchanges, the wielder can stir life energy within the area, infusing it into the ground, springing to live a tree.

Should this give access to plantmancy?
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Divine Armour - Commoner's Set
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