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 Divine Armour - Timekeeper's Set

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PostSubject: Divine Armour - Timekeeper's Set   Divine Armour - Timekeeper's Set I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2012 9:09 pm

Diadem of Ill Omens

A bronze circlet overlaid with intricate silver ink that has long since lost its lustrous sheen. The circlet has a single, dark purple gem embedded deep into the forefront that still sparkles eerily, giving off a sense of impending doom.

At the beginning of a battle and every exchange thereafter, the Diadem accumulates a charge (up to a maximum of ten). At any point during the battle, the bearer may expend any number of charges. For the next five exchanges, the effects of all spells that are the same Rank as the number of expended charges have no effect. If this effect is used as a spell affects the user or their Natrelmon, the spell instead has no effect.

The Diadem's negation effect cannot be used while the negation effect is active, and it only gains a maximum of two charges during this time.

ring staff

4 rings, rings can be detached to create zones that slow time by 25%, which stack

Beads of Lost Potential

A set of discarded prayer beads that have been worn down by the ages. None of the symbols that were once on the beads are visible any more, but the aura of reverence has not left them.

Whenever the bearer would proc a passive effect for any Divine Item, Natrelmon ability or School of Magic, instead they proc that passive effect twice.

Mark of Devotion

A small ball of tarnished silver with incomplete gold filigree. The ball looks worn and well-used, but still radiates an aura of power not befitting its physical appearance. The ball is suspended by a strange force when held in the palm of the hand.

At the beginning of each week when rolls reset, the Mark of Devotion gains five charges. The bearer is able to consume a charge to reroll any individual roll that they have rolled.

Ring of Altered Fate

A dusty gold ring that has several gemstones set into it. The gemstones are worn beyond the point of sparkling, but still hold some strange power, as if waiting for some force to come along to awaken them from slumber.

The Ring of Altered Fate allows the bearer to expend a charge to choose any roll except a library roll. The bearer may then change that roll to any value. At the beginning of each month, the Ring accumulates a charge, up to a maximum of six charges.

Full Set: Robes of the Wandering Monk

Obtaining all 5 of the Timekeeper's Items allows the user to go back in time once a month. They can travel to any time, but only exist there for 60 seconds. You cannot cause any physical harm to any person.

Additionally, the bearer may, once, upgrade a Natrelmon of any stage to its Secret Evolution. If it is lower than level 50, it becomes level 50. The bearer does not gain any knowledge of the Secret Evolution, and can only ever gain this effect once.

In addition, with physical contact, you may give or take gifts from anyone. You also gain all of the gifts.
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Divine Armour - Timekeeper's Set
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