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 Divine Armour - Seiryu's Set

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Divine Armour - Seiryu's Set Empty
PostSubject: Divine Armour - Seiryu's Set   Divine Armour - Seiryu's Set I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2012 9:17 pm


blue hand crossbow blah

Once every two exchanges, the Bearer of Frostfang creates a Mirror Image.

Frostfang can launch arrows made of ice that deal moderate Ice-type damage and apply Chill of the North at will. Every third arrow of ice is a Rimeburst with Rank V potency. These Rimebursts cannot apply Chill of the North.


yellow hand crossbow blah

Whenever Stormborn's bolts hit an enemy, they are marked with "Presence of the Storm" for the remainder of the battle. Once every five exchanges, the Bearer of Stormborn can channel electricity through all enemies with Presence of the Storm, dealing strong Electric-type damage and tethering all enemies with Presence of the Storm with electricity. Whenever a tethered enemy takes damage or is subjected to crowd control, all tethered enemies take identical damage and suffer identical crowd control.

Ring of ElectromancyTM

Whenever the Bearer casts a spell with an Overload cost, the <item> gets stacks of Overcharged and the Bearer does not gain the Overloaded debuff (though the spell gains the effects of the Overload). Whenever the <item> has 20 or more stacks of Overcharged, the next three Electromancy spells the Bearer casts are cast three times, and the ring's effects go on cooldown for 5 exchanges.


The Bearer's successful attack or spell hits grant them a stack of Static. Whenever the Bearer gains a stack of Static, they can teleport up to [5 + [Static]] feet in any given direction.

Whenever the Bearer is hit by an attack, they lose all stacks of Static and unleash that many Overloaded Crackles in any direction they so choose. These Crackles do not grant Static.

Divine Item #5

loci of power and mirror images cast non-Blizzard cryomancy spells
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Divine Armour - Seiryu's Set
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