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 Divine Armour - Akasha's Set

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Divine Armour - Akasha's Set Empty
PostSubject: Divine Armour - Akasha's Set   Divine Armour - Akasha's Set I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2012 9:09 pm

Perdition's Flame

Perdition's Flame is a colossal two-handed sword, its crossguard carved into the shape of two evenly balanced scales. The blade is made of an obsidian-like material that, despite its obvious age, is clearly in as pristine a condition as the day as it was forged.

The Bearer of Perdition's Flame is able to create Anti-Magic zones in the ground that counter all magic, including Blood Magic, that enters its confines by stabbing the sword into the ground. The Anti-Magic zone is ten feet in radius, lasts for three exchanges, and can only be used once every ten exchanges.

The blade of Perdition's Flame has power over the undead and unsent spirits, and can return Ghost-type Natrelmon and Natrelmon and people affected by Dark Pact to the void if the Bearer wishes. If the Bearer kills a target with Perdition's Flame, they are able to banish their soul directly to the void. Perdition's Flame is completely indestructible and immune to magic.


A book, bound in black leather, whose benign presence belies the monstrous power sealed within its pages. The book seems to require new ink as half-words and ideas flutter across its pages in midnight black ink, rarely staying in place for too long. There are scratches in the paper, suggesting more permanent writing, but the ink from them has long been absorbed back into the book.

The Bearer is able to, once every ten exchanges, write the name of a Natrelmon move, a Spell, or an Item within Imposition. For the remainder of the battle, the declared move, spell, or item is unable to be used.

relic shit

A pristine black scale that seems to absorb light around it, dimming the room it is in. Whenever an individual touches the scale, it changes form to become identical to whatever relic its Bearer uses, though it retains its mysterious aura.

The ??? is a relic that is indestructible and not consumed upon use. The relic reduces all capture rolls by 20, except on Very Rare and Legendary Natrelmon, and counts as an S-Rank relic otherwise. Minions captured within ??? are unable to be sent to the void and are permanently bound to the Bearer, preventing them from dying and allowing them to bypass the traditional relic rules. Once a Natrelmon is stored within the ???, it cannot be released except through the trainer's death.

Rule of Law

Once per battle, for three exchanges, all parties in the Bearer's battles, except the Bearer, may only cast one spell per exchange, and they cannot cast spells of a school of spells that they cast last exchange.
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Divine Armour - Akasha's Set
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