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 Divine Armor (South)

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PostSubject: Divine Armor (South)   Divine Armor (South) I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 22, 2010 1:28 am

Sword of the Southern Light - The fire red nodachi blade that possesses the ability to increase the effective range of Pyromancy by 5 feet. In addition, it increases the power of all light based spells and when a foe is struck by the blade, fire damage from an equal level Natrelmon is dealt. If the blade strikes a friendly creature (only once per 20 posts) it can restore 1/10th of its health.

Phoenix's Crown - A golden circle of metal worn on the head that has a chain of feathers that descend down to the ankles from each side of the head. The crown grants the wearer the ability to reverse death for any chosen person. The crown can only be used once per 3 months. In addition, all healing spells are increased by 20 percent.

Ring of Tamed Fire - A ring that has a set gem that appears to crackle like fire. The ring extends the range of all fire spells by 3 feet. In addition, it grants immunity to fire to any friendly beings for 3 posts (once per 24 posts) and any fire damage that would be dealt is added to the health.

Sunwoven Sash - A brilliantly yellow sash that glows in the sun. When in the sun, the wearer gains the ability to negate an attack every 16 posts. The charges stack up to 5 times.

Sunglass Circle - A thin piece of glass worn around the neck. When brought up to the eye, it grants the wearer the ability to see without any light. In addition, it increases the power of all Solar and Light Spells by 1.2 and when the full armor set is acquired, allows the creation of an artificial 'high noon' once per 40 posts, lasting for 3 exchanges.

Armor of the Immortal Phoenix - The full plate armor of the southern lord is a fiery red with golden accents. Like the Smith Queen's armor, it lacks a helm. As well, in construction, the armor is more samurai-esque than the Smith Queen's. The armor grants one effect, the ability to negate a death blow to the wearer once per 3 months. The effect does not store.

Crystal Queen's Jian - A thin crystal sword that possesses the ability to disrupt any energy based attack it comes in contact with. However, the sword will break for 3 exchanges if it is hit with any physical object. During that time it becomes the Crystal Queen's Wand, which increases the power of any light spells by 50 percent and grants the 'Crystal Ward' Spell. At the end of 3 exchanges, the sword will reform if the wielder choses. If it is not reformed, the Wand must be used for the remainder of the battle.

Divining Orb - A crystal ball that allows the user to 'see' the future. The effect allows any randomized effect to be 'rerolled' if wished. Cannot be used more than once on a single roll.

Crystalized Element - A ring that possesses the ability, once per battle, to use 'Crystal Queen's Spirit'. At sacrifice, a user cannot use a selected mancy for the duration of the battle. Crystal Queen's Spirit will grant the crystal innate to the wearer and any Natrelmon summoned by the wearer. The Natrelmon have access to the crystal moves (but cannot breed during the ring's effects).

Necklace of Protection - Once per battle, any energy attack can be negated by instantly coating the body in a crystal sheath.

Belt of Battle Healer - A bejeweled belt that extends the range of all light based spells by 25 feet, while reducing the range of all attack spells (except for light) by 10 feet.

Crystal Queen's Robes of Light - The full armor set of the crystal queen allows the wearer to indefinitely protect themself from any attacks. However, during this time, they cannot move, attack, heal. They can, however, communicate. This is accomplished by completely coating the body in a crystaline stasis. The crystal lasts as long as the wearer wishes and can only be dispelled by the wearer. However, this can only be done once per battle. Multiple people, if in contact with the wearer, can be protected by this ability.

Suzaku's Tear - A katana said to have been forged from the tears of Suzaku himself. The weapon itself deals light damage to any opponent it comes in contact with and allows the spell 'Rain of the Crying Phoenix'.

Honor Blade - Once per battle, and for the duration of 6 posts, the drawing of the honor blade initiates an honor duel. During this time, only one attack can be used. Both combatants select their Natrelmon's move and their spell during this time, with the wielder chosing first. All weaknesses and resistances are negated during this time and movement is restricted to a point equal between the opponents and extends 20 feet from that point.

Gift of the Wind - A fan given to the Light Wolf. The fan extends the range of all spells by 2 feet and turns all wind spells into Wind/Light spells.

Pendant of the Full Moon - Allows Lunar Execution to be executed once per battle, regardless of the time.

Crest of the Immortal - A ring forged of silver that posssesses the symbols of the Emutato and the Kaen family. The ring grants the wielder the ability to 'gift' the power to resist death to one person/creature. This can only be used on one person other than the wielder. If the effect is used during a six month time, it cannot be used again. The effect, if it has not been used, can be switched every month. Lastly, should the wearer have a family, this gift cannot be given to anyone other than them (this does not go up, but down the family tree), but can extend to as many direct descendents of the wearer as well as the wearer. The use of this affect by any one person will negate it for all others if used on multiple people.

The White Wolf's Armor -The weilder of all 5 pieces of this armor set gains the ability to don the White Wolf's Armor. A white kimono style robe and half moon spiked shoulder guards are on the right shoulder. As a full set, the wielder gains the ability to move as fast as a wolf. During a moonlit night, the power of any of the wearer's actions are increased by 1.2, with the full moon doubling it (Pendant of the Moon does not count).

Lightweaver's Sword - A traditional broadsword in golden color, the elegant weapon creates streaks of light when swung. At any point, during 10 posts, the wielder can send a burst of light energy from that streak of light 2 feet in one CHOSEN direction with the streak as a center point. This will block attacks that come in contact with it, however, only the streaks that are within 3 feet of the wielder can initiate this effect. Secondly, the wielder can create glyphs with this light, instead of chalk.

Ring of a Royal Family - A ring that grants the wearer the ability to turn their land into a Kingdom. This grants the wearer one free upgrade(one time only) for the farm and gives the wearer an addition 1500 N a month. If lost, the land loses it's Kingdom status and the next wearer is given that ability.

Crown of a Royal Family - The crown is capable of duplicating itself up to 3 times. Any wearer is given the positive benefits of the original wearer, such as the Ring of a Royal Family. In addition, the wearers are capable of accessing the Protection of the Royals Spellset.

Royal Crested Shield - A golden shield with a dragon crest on it. The shield possesses the ability to take the blow for any wearer of the Royal Crown, no matter the distance. This effect can only be used once per battle. The shield only works on physical blows and if the wearer of the Shield does not have the crown, then the crown wearers cannot use this effect.

Key to a Kingdom - A self duplicating key (from original only up to 5 times. Cannot duplicate 5 keys for yourself) that allows any wielder access to the 'Royal Keep'. The Royal Keep is a summonable place on the Kingdom. Within the walls of the Kingdom, the wielder is protected by the physical fortress. The fortress itself is indestructable. As well, the fortress increases all EP by 1 and PT by 10. If the wielder does not have the Ring of a Royal Family, they can only create a 'Tower'. The Tower can be summoned by any wielder of the key (not during battle) and within the confines of the tower, all Natrelmon are fully healed. The Tower, during battle, can be sacrificed to negate any attack, but a tower cannot be summoned for another month (each key).

The Keep's size depends on the size of the land the player owns. The outer wall will expand encompass all of the land while the actual castle part of it will have about 50 rooms to it. The color and layout are done to a player's liking. And money stored within the keep recieves 15% intrest, but can be stolen if a player finds a way to a treasure room. The tower's appearance is also to the players liking, but can only be about 50 feet in height when summoned.

Royal's Armor - The golden armor of the royal family is a full plate armor (minus helm) that grants the wearer special abilities. The armor possesses the ability to Knight another person, granting them the ability to call the 'Royal Guard'. The Royal Guard dons white and gold armor similar to the Royal's Armor. The Royal Guard behaves like 4 creatures 10 levels below the opponent's creature. They are a Fighting/Light type humanoid. They can only be on the field for 3 posts, once per battle. At any point, should the player or their creatures be struck, a Royal Guard member can be sacrificed.
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Divine Armor (South)
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