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 Divine Armour - Ielle's Set

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PostSubject: Divine Armour - Ielle's Set   Divine Armour - Ielle's Set I_icon_minitimeThu Nov 13, 2014 3:04 pm

Vial of Pure Sunlight

The Vial of Pure Sunlight is an aged glass vial held by a piece of fading yellow string, clearly designed to be worn as a necklace. It is initially unclear whether or not the golden hue of the vial is given off by the glass or the liquid within, but closer inspection reveals that the vial seems to be made up of various shards of stained glass, melted together in the image of the Sun. The light comes from the mysterious liquid within, radiated from the bottle alongside a familiar warmth.

The Vial of Pure Sunlight gains a charge of Sunlight whenever the Bearer or their Allies take any instance of damage. By expending ten charges of Sunlight, the bearer can heal any ally for 100% of their maximum health. An ally can only be healed by the Vial of Pure Sunlight once every 20 exchanges.

The Bearer can summon a pillar of sunlight down from the skies on a target ally once every ten exchanges, lasting for three exchanges. The pillar is 5 feet larger than the ally at all points. While within the pillar, the ally cannot deal or take damage, and all negative debuffs are removed.

Memoirs of the Ninth Sunrise

A set of nine ancient slips of paper that seem to have retained a glimmer of the sunlight from a time long-since passed. The slips of paper seem to be an archaic form of prayer tag, clearly intoned with symbols in golden ink. The symbols bear a strange resemblance to the markings of a Gishikist's Kuji-Kiri, though it is not quite obvious which predates the other. The golden ink is almost radiant, possessing a powerful glow that persists despite all attempts to hide its light away, and it would be easy to think of it as liquid sunlight. The prayer tags have string tied to them, also golden in colour, that seems to suggest that they were once hung from an object, or perhaps the strings were added later to give them a new purpose.

The Memoirs of the Ninth Sunrise are prayer tags that can manifest solid sunlight in order to create throwing knives that the tags are attached to. The knives, being made of light, are corporeal but not physical, and cannot be destroyed by any physical means. The prayer tags have a spherical aura emanating from them, two feet in radius, that purify all Eldritch Chains within them immediately, dispel all stacks of Doom, and remove all shadows (including those created by ??? magic). Should a target have all nine prayer slips placed on their body, they are afflicted by a powerful Nine-Spirit Seal that removes their ability to cast spells, dispels all non-??? magic passive effects, and banishes all Ghosts and ??? to the Void.

The Bearer can place one of the tags on a friendly Natrelmon, and at any point can activate the power of the tag to cause its next attack to function as if it were a Kuji-Kiri in addition to its normal effects.

In addition, whenever the Bearer casts a Word of Inspiration spell from the Restoration school, they will cast an additional copy of that spell on each ally that has a prayer tag.

Vessel of Callers Past


The Bearer of the Vessel of Callers Past is infused with divine sunlight, allowing them to use their body as a permanent S-Rank relic that never breaks. The Bearer gains the ability to fuse their soul with one Natrelmon that they have captured, gaining the ability to telepathically communicate with it, heal it from any distance and regardless of all extenuating circumstances (including silences and the effects of other Divine Items), granting it the passive attachment effect of the Memoirs of the Ninth Sunrise, and granting the Bearer access to the Innate Ability and any type-based passive abilities of that Natrelmon. The Bearer also gains the protection of Akasha's relic rules at all times, regardless of whether or not they have a Natrelmon out.



The Bearer becomes a permanent Globe of Ielle, ten feet in radius, that gains permanent access to Neutral and Ielle-aspected Light-type moves. The Bearer counts as a level 101 Light-type Natrelmon for this purpose, and their damage is equivalent to that of their highest leveled Natrelmon.

The Bearer's Gishiki and Restoration spells cause their targets to emit Ielle's light in a five foot radius for three exchanges.

Everlasting Beacon


Once per battle, the Bearer is able to channel for any number of exchanges. When the Bearer stops channeling, they summon a number of additional Natrelmon equal to half of the number of exchanges that they channeled.

Natrelmon summoned this way gain the Light-type Neutral and Ielle-aspected moves. After a delay of three exchanges, all Natrelmon summoned this way are returned to globe at a rate of one per exchange at the Bearer's discretion.

Set Bonus: Incarnation of the Sun

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Divine Armour - Ielle's Set
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