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 Divine Armour - Musician's Set

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Divine Armour - Musician's Set Empty
PostSubject: Divine Armour - Musician's Set   Divine Armour - Musician's Set I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2012 9:16 pm


Concerto grants the bearer the ability to play music granting special effects. Only one song can be played at a particular time. Natrelmon can understand trainer direction while a song is being played. Wild Natrelmon are naturally calmed by the sounds of the flute, granting a boost to effectiveness of relic capture invocations by two. Effects persist as long as the person can continue to play the music.

Shiflu's Concerto #1, active spells originating from any allied person or creature within 100 meters are duplicated. If only one being is under the effect, the spell is tripled.

Shiflu's Elemental Sonata #9, allies within 100 meters gain access to an element chosen by the bearer. For mages, this is equal to their highest rank of magic. If they already possess the element, the the strength of those moves are boosted by two.

Shiflu's Partita #7, allies within 100 meters gain access to all spells the bearer has and can cast as if they knew these spells. If the bearer has a summoned Natrelmon, all Natrelmon within range gain access to those moves. Applies to both innates and passives.

Shiflu's Melody #3, the bearer selects an ally within 100 meters (to include Natrelmon within their relic). Any other living ally can utilize the innate ability of that Natrelmon.


Summons random wild natrelmon. Rarity is based on duration of first movement. Number of creatures is based off of second movement duration. CANNOT FUCKING BE USED OUT OF COMBAT AND THESE CREATURES CANNOT BE CAPTURED SO DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT TRYING TO ABUSE THIS YOU STUPID BITCHES.

Probably some kind of bard-like theme.


Guzheng that has sticks.

First Movement: Boosts levels based on duration played. Will not evolve the creature though.

Second Movement: Evolves the creature regardless of level.

Third Movement: Boosts the stats of all allies in a specific field based on duration played.

Fourth Movement: Each string counts as a singular rank in a chosen school [10 strings in total]. As long as this melody is played, spells cannot be played that are equal or less than the selected strings.


Something something voice side. Probs a necklace/pendant.


Set Bonus: ???

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Divine Armour - Musician's Set
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