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 Divine Armour - Serpent's Set

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Divine Armour - Serpent's Set Empty
PostSubject: Divine Armour - Serpent's Set   Divine Armour - Serpent's Set I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2012 9:17 pm

The Serpent's Tongue

The ~ is made of nine things that are joined by electricity

The links of the whip are made of electricity, rendering non-??? items unable to block it, and coming into contact with the whip will Paralyse the victim for one exchange. This effect has a three-exchange cooldown per individual. Whenever an enemy is Paralysed, they gain 50% increased Venom.

Whip can apply Eldritch chains.

Malediction's Harbinger
User can access ghost type curses and banes. Can be applied on spell contact.

The Serpent's Guile
Allows the bearer to create X number of darts made of electricity every so often which can be flung at a target. Can teleport at contact point every X exchanges.

Grants the user the ability to behave as if they were a level 100 Poison Type Natrelmon. Electric damage applies stacks of Venom.

Ego's End
Corrupted by Anoga. When plunged into a person, Ghost possession. Curses can be transferred from this person to other person.

Once per battle, the dagger can mark a spot on the opponent about 2 inches in diameter. If the dagger makes contact with that spot, they are considered to have had an application of doom equal to their level. This mark cannot be applied if the dagger is within 10 feet of them.

Alternatively, if the dagger is plunged into a body while the bearer is in contact with it, they can alternatively take possession of their body as if they had inserted a level 100 ghost type Natrelmon.

Set Bonus: From the Shadows

Bearer has the benefit of being invisible when still when within Shadows. They are unable to be sensed, much like a Hydromancer within their mist.

Any electric type attack provides a stack of Doom as if the bearer was a level 100 Dark Type Natrelmon. Electric type damage also applies Nyxomancy-like shadow tendrils that create a shared pool of doom across any connected targets.

Also grants Nyxomancy to the bearer
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Divine Armour - Serpent's Set
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