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 Divine Armour - Suzaku's Set

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PostSubject: Divine Armour - Suzaku's Set   Divine Armour - Suzaku's Set I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2012 9:12 pm

Heart of the Phoenix

A legendary necklace cut from a single, brilliant orange diamond. Once every week, instead of a Natrelmon dying in battle, the bearer can have the Natrelmon return to 50% of their maximum health. The Natrelmon then becomes a Fire-type for the remainder of the battle and suffers 5% of their maximum health in damage every post for the next four posts. At the end of the battle, the bearer may have the Natrelmon retain the Fire-type, but only three Natrelmon of a single user may ever gain the Fire-type from this effect. If the bearer dies of unnatural causes, they will be immediately resurrected. If this effect is activated, the Heart of the Phoenix becomes unusable for three months.

Feather of the Phoenix

A Nodachi that is wreathed in white-hot flames at all times. The flames do not burn the bearer or their allies, but enemies will find themselves scorched if they step too close to the flame. The Nodachi is clearly ancient, but is beautifully cared for and is still as sharp as the day it was forged. The Nodachi is constantly sheathed in Exorcist's Fire, which causes it to deal moderate Fire-type damage to non-Ghost-types, and very high damage to Ghost-types. Being hit with the blade only a few times can banish a Ghost to the void completely. Possessed bodies that are hit by the sword will not be harmed, but the ghost will be dealt severe damage and will be forcefully ejected from the body.

Once every eight exchanges, whenever the Nodachi comes into contact with a hostile spell, it will be absorbed by the blade, rendering the entire effect of the spell useless.

When wielding the Nodachi, the bearer's strikes leave behind a trail of flame, and the bearer gains the ability to (with complete proficiency) perform an Iaijutsu strike that leaves a trail of white flame for the next exchange before fading. Once every twenty exchanges, the user may stab the sword into the ground to reignite all of the flames caused by the Iaijutsu strike over the course of one exchange.

Wings of the Phoenix

Blarlarlarla Description

Wearing the Wings of the Phoenix gives the bearer a stack of Blazing Fury whenever they use a defensive spell, and a stack of Blazing Wrath whenever they use a Pyromancy spell, Fire-type move or Light-type move.

Each stack of Blazing Fury, up to five, increases the user's reaction time to magic by 20%, allowing them to instantly react to all magic within ten feet of them regardless of sight at five stacks. The bearer may consume five stacks of Blazing Speed to silence all enemies within 10 feet for five exchanges.

Each stack of Blazing Wrath, up to five, increases the user's damage by 10%. The user can consume five stacks of Blazing Wrath to give any friendly target within 10 feet of the user a shield that will block the next offensive spell that would hit the target, and deal the damage it would have done to the caster in a burst of white flame.

Talons of the Phoenix

Whenever the bearer is about to be hit by an attack that they cannot block or avoid, they gain Divine Favour for the next two exchanges. While the user has Divine Favour, every attack that comes within three feet of the user will be blocked by as many Feeble Walls as is necessary to block the attack completely, but this will drain the user's pool of Feeble Wall. The Talons of the Phoenix has its own stack of six feeble walls, one of which recharges every three exchanges. Once the bearer's Divine Favour has worn off, they cannot gain it again for nine exchanges.

Retribution of the Phoenix


The bearer gains the ability to mark a 10 foot diameter circular area of ground once every six exchanges. The mark looks like bright sunlight is being shone upon the area. After one exchange of being marked, a cataclysmic ray of sunlight shines down upon the area perpendicular to the ground, dealing strong Fire-type and Light-type damage to all enemies within the area. The damage from this ability is doubly effective on Ghost-type Natrelmon. This creates Charred Earth.

Whenever the bearer creates Charred Earth, that Charred Earth glows a bright white instead of becoming blackened and becomes Consecrated Ground. Consecrated Ground deals constant Light-type damage to all unfriendly parties that walk upon it in addition to having all of the effects of Charred Earths, and act like a Globe of Ielle at all times.

Full Set: ????

Upon gaining all of the pieces of the set, the bearer gains a full armor set blah blah blah.

This armor set grants the bearer sensory to magic all around them within 30 feet. Additionally, Feather of the Phoenix no longer has restrictions on its abilities to block spells. The bearers has an immolative aura, naturally destroying all Cryomancy and Ice type moves that come within 5 feet, also dealing heavy damage to ghost and ice types.

When Feather of the Phoenix catches an offensive spell, the bearer can activate the Refraction ability, silencing all casters from that school within 100 feet of the wielder for the next 7 exchanges.

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Divine Armour - Suzaku's Set
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