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 Divine Armour - Frost Queen's Set

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PostSubject: Divine Armour - Frost Queen's Set   Divine Armour - Frost Queen's Set I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2012 9:17 pm

Sliver of Eternal Ice

A small shard of ice that can be placed onto a person’s forehead to mark them with the sigil of the Frost Queen. The shard disappears into the bearer of the sigil until they choose to give it up or die. The bearer of the Sliver of Eternal Ice can use the Cryomancy spell “Blizzard” regardless of whether or not they have Cryomancy.

Once every ten exchanges, the Bearer can mark an existing Blizzard or their next Blizzard cast with the sigil of the Frost Queen. All Cryomancy effects that are applied to the marked Blizzard apply to every other Blizzard.

Frost Queen’s Grace

Whenever the bearer of the Frost Queen’s Grace gains experience, an additional 10% of it is stored within the Frost Queen’s Grace. Once every month, the bearer may roll a dice - if it is even, they gain all of the experience in the item as magic experience, and if it is odd, they gain all of the experience in the item as Natrelmon experience. The experience in the Frost Queen’s Grace is not consumed, but is reset every three months.

The bearer can, once every three exchanges, mark an area on the ground with the sigil of the Frost Queen. After one exchange, the sigil becomes invisible and primes itself. Whenever a sigil is primed, the bearer can detonate it, dealing minor Ice-type damage to all enemies within a four foot radius circle of the sigil, and slowing them by 50% for two exchanges.

Blessing of the North

A set of blue silk gloves that seem to be made of ice rather than fabric. The gloves show no signs of melting, and if the light hits them in just the right way, a faint sigil can be made out. When the gloves are worn, the sigil is more prominent.

The bearer of the Blessing of the North gains the ability to cast the spell “Frost Queen’s Contempt”.

Frost Queen’s Contempt [10]

The user creates a shard of ice, two feet long, and hurls it in a straight line for up to ten feet. Upon hitting a target or reaching its maximum range, the shard shatters into a conical burst of snow with length equal to the length the shard travelled (minimum of five feet) and half of that as radius. Targets hit by the initial shard take moderate Ice-type damage, and targets hit by the conical attack are slowed by 50% for two exchanges. If a target is slowed while a previous slow persists, they are frozen solid for one exchange, rendering them unable to move, cast spells, or issue commands. A target can only be frozen solid once every four exchanges.

Out of combat, the Frost Queen’s Contempt changes to instead allow the user to create medium-sized structures of ice that are non-slippery. The applications of the spell are nearly limitless, but only one structure can be made at a time and must be within reasonable bounds.

Circlet of Tranquil Ice

A circlet made of completely clear ice that is extremely cold to the touch. The circlet is intricately carved as if to depict a piece of art at its center, but is oddly bereft of the object of its focus.

Once every five exchanges, the bearer is able to create a sigil at any point within fifteen feet of themselves, or ten feet within a friendly Natrelmon. As soon as the sigil is created, a line of icy blue energy a foot wide travels in a straight line towards the sigil at two and a half feet per second. If an enemy comes into contact with the energy, moderate Ice-type damage is dealt to them. At any point during the path of the energy, the user or a friendly Natrelmon is able to consume the energy in order to teleport themselves to its current location. If the energy has not been consumed by the time it reaches the sigil, it will explode in a sphere seven feet in radius, rooting in place all enemies hit for the next exchange.

Out of combat, the bearer is able to create a bridge of completely clear ice that is non-slippery. The bridge can extend considerably, but its maximum length is far from infinite. If an enemy moves onto the bridge, the bearer can have it become slippery to everyone except themselves.

Crucible of the Tundra

A small glass sphere that looks as if it contains a blizzard within it - and is cold to the touch to match. Curiously, the sphere looks as if it has been cracked many times in the past, but the blizzard within freezes the cracks over so it is eternally contained.

Once every five exchanges, the bearer is able to throw the Crucible of the Tundra to a location. As soon as it reaches the location, it shatters, releasing the Blizzard within. The Blizzard rages for two exchanges, slowing all enemies within by 20% and reducing their sight range to five feet. The Blizzard is a sphere that is 15 feet in radius. After the Blizzard expires, the Crucible reforms in the bearer’s hand.

Once per Blizzard, the bearer may teleport to any location within the Blizzard.

Out of combat, the bearer can create a larger version of the Blizzard that only reduces sight range, and can teleport all friendly targets within a five feet radius sphere to anywhere in the Blizzard, or to Relin.
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Divine Armour - Frost Queen's Set
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