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 Electromancy, School of Lightning

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PostSubject: Electromancy, School of Lightning   Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:08 pm

Innate Ability: Electra Heart

The Electromancer has the ability to Overload Electromancy spells that they can cast, granting them additional effects but leaving them unable to use Electromancy spells of that Rank for a period of time.

Whenever a spell is Overloaded, the Electromancer gains the debuff "Overloaded: Rank X", where X is the rank of the Overloaded Spell, for [2 + [Rank of Overloaded Spell]] exchanges.

In addition, the Electromancer is able to cast spells of ranks they have not achieved once every [20 / [Rank]] exchanges, up to two ranks higher than their current Rank. The spell they cast must be Overloaded.

Rank I – Crackle [10]

The Electromancer creates a small but potent bolt of lightning that travels at 20 fps. The bolt deals strong damage, and has a 10 + [[Rank] * 2.5]% chance to Paralyse any targets hit for the next exchange.

Overload: Power Surge - The Electromancer can change the bolt's trajectory up to [Rank] times, up to a maximum of a 90 degree shift per change.

Rank II - Superconductor [-]

Whenever the Electromancer hits an opponent with an Electromancy spell, they launch X copies of that spell, where X is the number of times that the opponent has been hit by that spell this battle.

Overload: The Electromancer casts [Rank] Overloaded Crackles. (Superconductor's passive effect goes on cooldown, and the Electromancer casts [Rank] Crackles.)

Rank III - Stormflash [5]

The Electromancer marks [Rank] areas on the ground, two feet in diameter, that briefly flash with bright light. After two seconds, bolts of electricity strike the marked areas.

Overloaded: The Electromancer creates a Storm Cloud above an area, [[Rank] * 5] feet in diameter, that persists for five exchanges. At the beginning of each exchange, the Storm Cloud casts [Rank] Stormflashes.

Rank IV - Volatile Energy [-]

Whenever an enemy comes within ten feet of the Electromancer, a Crackle is launched at them.

Overload: For the next two exchanges, instead of firing 2 Crackles at the enemy, uses of are Crackle are gained.

Rank V - Conductivity [-]

The Electromancer's Crackles start at [Rank/2] feet away from them if they so choose.

Overload: The Electromancer's Crackles start at [Rank] feet away from them for the next two exchanges.

Rank VI - Thunderclap [-]

Whenever the Electromancer Overloads a spell, if they already have two or more Overloaded debuffs, they gain a use of Crackle.

Overload: The Electromancer gains two uses of Crackle.

Rank VII - Static Field [2]

The Electromancer creates a spherical field of static electricity, [[Rank]*1.5]] feet in radius, that Silences all enemies within it for two exchanges.

Overloaded: When Static Field expires, it releases a massive explosion of electricity, dealing moderate Electric-type damage to all enemies within range.

Rank VIII - Lightning Unleashed [1]

The Electromancer channels to unleash a stream of pure electricity in a direction. The beam cuts off at [Rank*5] feet away from the Electromancer. Enemies hit by the beam suffer moderate Electric-type damage, and have a [Rank*5]% chance to be Paralysed for one exchange. If Lightning Unleashed hits a Paralysed target more than three times, it ends.

Overload: While Lightning Unleashed is active, Crackles are launched from the beam of electricity every two seconds. These Crackles can only travel for a maximum of ten feet before dissipating.

Rank IX - Perpetuity [3]

Active: The Electromancer charges themselves with energy, causing the next three Electromancy spells that they cast to be cast [11 - [Rank of Spell]] additional times. Perpetuity has a cooldown of five exchanges, and Perpetuity cannot duplicate itself.

Passive: The Electromancer can use Electra Heart to cast spells of higher ranks in other schools, but doing so doubles the duration of all "Overloaded" debuffs.

Overload: The spells cast by Perpetuity are Overloaded.

Rank X - Storm's Fury [-]

The Electromancer can cast their Electromancy spells from any point within a fifteen foot radius sphere of themselves, from any Electric-type move, and from any Electromancy spell.
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Electromancy, School of Lightning
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