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 Windspeaking, School of Zephyrs

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PostSubject: Windspeaking, School of Zephyrs   Windspeaking, School of Zephyrs I_icon_minitimeMon Jul 16, 2012 11:07 pm

Innate Ability: Gale Force

The Windspeaker's spells deal 50% additional damage with Windspeaking spells and gain bonus effects while the opponent is within five feet of the Windspeaker.

Additionally, whenever the Windspeaker uses a Windspeaking ability to knock an opponent at least 5 feet back and into a solid surface, they take high blunt damage.

Rank I - Windborn Weapon [10]

The Windspeaker condenses wind into a projectile weapon and launches it at the opponent. The maximum speed a Windborn Weapon can achieve is [12 + [Rank]] feet per second. Windborn Weapon deals blunt damage.

At Rank VII, Windborn Weapon applies a knockback of [Rank/2] feet.

Gale Force: At Rank V, the Windspeaker can automatically apply Windborn Weapon to any of their melee attacks, dealing its damage in addition to that of their melee attack. If this attack knocks the enemy back, it knocks them back an additional 5 feet.

Rank II - With the Wind [3 + [Rank]]

The Windspeaker infuses themselves with the speed of the wind, rapidly moving up to [2 + [Rank]] feet in a linear direction. Though the arrival is near-instant, the Windspeaker must be able to physically reach their destination and cannot phase through objects while dashing. The Windspeaker can use With the Wind on themselves only once per exchange. With the Wind has a three exchange cooldown unless the Windspeaker begins or ends the spell within 5 feet of an enemy.

The Windspeaker can use this ability on their projectiles that are within [2 + [Rank]] feet of them, but at the cost of reducing its damage by 50%. If the Windspeaker uses With the Wind on a projectile, it does not gain any benefit from Gale Force.

Gale Force: If the Windspeaker is within melee range of the opponent, they may use With the Wind on them.

Rank III - Soaring Gusts [7]

The Windspeaker creates a circle of clearly visible swirling wind, centered on themselves, up to five feet in radius. After a delay of two seconds, everything in the circle of wind is knocked in a direction of the Windspeaker's choosing, up to a maximum of [Rank] feet and is dealt minor blunt damage. The Windspeaker can choose whether or not they are affected and take no damage.

If Soaring Gusts is used immediately as an enemy is affected by another Windspeaking spell, the delay is removed.

Soaring Gusts can only be cast once per exchange.

Additionally, the Windspeaker is now capable of rudimentary flight in linear directions. They can only move at a maximum of twenty feet per second, and while flying they are unable to use non-Windspeaking spells.

At Rank V, the Windspeaker may instead target an area for Soaring Gusts to affect.

Rank IV - Slashdance [10]

The Windspeaker makes a gesture with their finger, drawing a line. A sharp, thin line of wind energy appears, two feet tall, exactly where they made the motion and is launched along a linear path at a speed of fifteen feet per second. The spell deals significant slashing damage if it hits an enemy.

Gale Force: If an enemy is within melee range of the Windspeaker, their first use of Slashdance each exchange is free.

Rank V - Vacuum Aura [2]

The Windspeaker concentrates energy in their body, charging for between two and four exchanges. After the charge ends, they unleash a powerful torrent of wind energy that draws everything within a [[Rank * 2] | [[Rank] * 3] | [[Rank] * 4]] feet radius towards them until they reach melee range, dealing minor blunt damage.

Gale Force: If any enemies are within melee range of the Windspeaker, they are instead Silenced for two exchanges and knocked 7 feet in a direction of the Windspeaker's choosing. They take moderate blunt damage.

Rank VI - Voidzone [2]

The Windspeaker charges for one exchange, then creates a Voidzone in a [Rank] cubic feet area at the beginning of the next exchange.

Wind Resistance is increased to its maximum possible area within the Voidzone, preventing anything physical from moving while within it.

At Rank IX, the Windspeaker is no longer affected by Voidzone.

Gale Force: If an opponent is within melee range, Voidzone can be created within melee range instantly.

Rank VII - Wrath of the Windborne [1]

The Windspeaker cloaks themselves in a sheath of white-blue wind energy for four exchanges, empowering all of their Windspeaking spells.

Whenever the Windspeaker casts a Windspeaking spell while Wrath of the Windborne is active, it is copied at the beginning of the next exchange.

Gale Force: If the spell is cast within melee range, it is copied instantly.

Rank VIII - Windspeaker's Finesse [-]

Whenever a Windspeaking spell would affect an enemy's movement, the Windspeaker instead gets to choose the direction in which they are moved. Additionally, the damage bonus of Gale Force applies to all spell schools.

Rank IX - Byakko's Claws [1]

Gale Force: Passively, the first time a Windspeaking spell is cast by the Windspeaker each exchange, the Windspeaker may use With the Wind on the opponent if they are also in Melee Range.

The Windspeaker may instead activate Byakko's Claws for three exchanges, removing the cooldown of the effect but also removing the passive for the remainder of the battle.

Rank X - Eye of the Storm [-]

Whenever an enemy is rendered airborne by the effect of a Windspeaking spell, the Windspeaker may use Eye of the Storm.

Eye of the Storm suspends an enemy midair for one additional second, and also lets the Windspeaker use With the Wind towards the opponent for free.

Additionally, the Windspeaker has gained perfect control over their flight, and is able to fly as dexterously as a level 100 Wind-type Natrelmon.

Gale Force: All Windspeaking spells gain their Gale Force effects all of the time. This includes their additional effects as well as the 50% damage increase.

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Windspeaking, School of Zephyrs
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