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 New Earth Types.

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PostSubject: New Earth Types.   Fri Jan 10, 2014 3:07 pm

+ Shenzi +
Stage: 1 (DNE)
Type: Earth/Dark
Growth Rate: Medium
Rarity: U
Reproduction Rate: ++++
PA: +++++
MA: ++++++
D: ++++
LS: +++++++
Appearance: This hyena type cat prefers to stay in the crags and steppes, but they are known to stalk and harass prey far outside their habitat. Dark marks over its eyes and in its fur contrast with the often brightly colored dust from its home that sticks to its fur.
Innate Ability (Gained at level 24): Sightless Storm - The dust kicked up by a Shenzi's Dust Bowl shrouds that area with its Nox Aeterna, and it gets an additional use of Dust Bowl.
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New Earth Types.
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