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 Earth-type Moves

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PostSubject: Earth-type Moves   Wed Apr 21, 2010 8:45 pm

Elemental Quickfacts: Earth

Weaknesses: Ice, Water, Grass
Resistances: Poison, Electric, Fire

Innate Ability: Unyielding

The Earth-type Natrelmon starts the battle with a marked area on the ground, [Level*1.5] feet in radius, in which the Natrelmon can manipulate the earth freely with its moves.

Whenever the Earth-type Natrelmon blocks an attack with any form of terrain, the zone increases in radius by X feet. This effect has a cooldown of three exchanges.

Stone Disc [15]
Level 2
The Earth-type Natrelmon creates a disc, [Level/10] feet in diameter (minimum of two) and [Level/20] inches thick, and fires it in any direction. Stone Disc can be thrown in arcs and will follow the curvature. At any point during the projectile's path, the Natrelmon can have it become a wall, double the size of the projectile, unless it is within five feet of an enemy Natrelmon. The projectile moves at 12 fps.

Unyielding Defence [-]
Level 5
Once every six exchanges, the next attack that gets within five feet of the Natrelmon will instantly be met with a wall of earth that can take [Level/10] hits before crumbling. The wall will persist for [Level/20] exchanges, rounded down. The wall created by Unyielding Defence can only be created perpendicular to the earth, and cannot defend from aerial attacks.

Yield for Nothing [-]
Level 7
The Earth-type Natrelmon can cause spikes to protrude from any where within their Unyielding zone, and from any terrain they have created within their Unyielding zone. The spikes extend at a rate of one foot per second, and can be extended from spikes created by Yield for Nothing. One spike can be created per charge of Yield for Nothing. [5 + [Level/5]] charges of Yield for Nothing are gained at the beginning of each exchange.

Fault Line [10]
Level 10
The Natrelmon channels its energy into the ground, creating a shockwave to create a crack in the ground that is [Level/10] feet wide extending [Level] feet in front of it and [Level/5] feet downwards. The Fault Line travels at 5 feet per second. Fault Line has a cooldown of two exchanges.

At level 25 or above, the entire length of the Fault Line will instead be cracked instantly, and the entire fault line will open up after one second.

Earth Wall [10]
Level 12
The user creates a single, rectangular stone wall within ten feet of itself (that is still subject to the Barrier rules of Abjuration). The wall’s dimensions are 6 feet in length, six inches thick, and eight feet high. Concentrated attacks can bring the wall down, otherwise, it will last for the duration of the battle. Extends rapidly to half-way almost instantly, and then takes another two seconds to fully extend.

Earthen Pillar [10]
Level 15
The Earth-type Natrelmon marks an area, up to [2 + [Level/10]] feet in diameter, within their Unyielding zone. After a delay of two seconds, the earth is raised into a pillar of solid rock that is almost indestructible to comparatively levelled Natrelmon.

The Earth-type Natrelmon can instantly raise walls within ten feet of Earthen Pillars to their full height, and once every [Level/10] exchanges, this wall is free.

Crushing Weight [2]
Level 17
The Earth-type Natrelmon releases pulses of energy from all terrain they have created, up to ten feet away from that terrain. All enemy Natrelmon that are within the area are slowed by 50%, and their attacks are slowed by 50%. The energy lasts for two exchanges.

Terra Maxima [2]
Level 20
The Earth-type Natrelmon marks a circle within their Unyielding zone. After three seconds, a circular wall immediately raises upwards.

Passive: The Earth-type Natrelmon gains X uses of Earth Wall or Earthen Pillar at the beginning of every other exchange, where X is [Number of Earth Walls and Earthen Pillars within the Unyielding Zone/10], rounded up.

Last Stand [1]
Level 22
For the next three exchanges, Unyielding Defence has a one exchange cooldown, and the Earth-type Natrelmon can raise up to three Earth Walls or Earthen Pillars per exchange without consuming uses of those moves.

Dust Bowl [1]
Level 24
The Earth-type Natrelmon courses power through their Unyielding zone, creating a spherical swirling storm of tiny earth particles. Within this sandstorm, non-Earth-type Natrelmon have their sight decreased to five feet in any direction. The sandstorm lasts for three exchanges.

Force of Nature [3]
Level 30
The Earth-type Natrelmon builds up energy within their Unyielding zone for one exchange. At the beginning of the next exchange, a shockwave [5 + [Level/10]] feet in radius is emitted from the Earth-type Natrelmon, provided they are within their Unyielding zone. Any of the Earth-type Natrelmon's structures that are hit by the shockwave will release an identical shockwave (once). Enemy Natrelmon hit by the shockwave suffer moderate damage for each shockwave that hits them.

Stone Skin [1]
Level 36
The Natrelmon hardens its skin for the next two exchanges, preventing all damage it would take. The Natrelmon cannot move during this time, except within its Unyielding zone, in which it moves at a LS of ++ [2].

Mantle [-]
Level 40
The Earth-type Natrelmon can now pick up one of their Earthen Walls once every ten exchanges. For the next ten exchanges, the wall floats around the Earth-type Natrelmon and can be manipulated freely while within the Unyielding zone, and within 10 feet of the Earth-type Natrelmon.

Concussive Force [-]
Level 50
The Earth-type Natrelmon's Force of Nature gains two additional uses. In addition, it now affects the wall wielded through Mantle, and can be expelled from the structures perpendicular to the ground in addition to moving through the ground. If the shockwave is projected outwards, all spikes created by Yield for Nothing are launched outwards at a rate of 15 feet per second.
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Earth-type Moves
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