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 Riccardo Decca

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PostSubject: Riccardo Decca   Thu Jan 09, 2014 3:59 pm

Name: Riccardo Decca
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Riccardo's most immediately apparent feature is his stature, standing at 4'8". He is not particularly slender, actually standing perhaps a bit wider than average. He has dark blonde hair and pale complexion. His eyes are of a slight blue that do not draw attention to themselves.

Riccardo naturally would be wearing very warm clothing in his hometown, but currently roaming abroad, Riccardo has found the weather rather warm compared to his hometown. Thus his black coat is wrapped in a rather odd and ornate fashion behind his waist, making it appear in silhouette rather like he has a bow tied behind his back just above the hips as well as a nearly full length skirt, slit down the front. He has similarly colored pants underneath this and wears boots about halfway up his calf. He wears a sleeveless shirt of a creamy white with a pale blue tinge to it. This shows off rather built muscles, as Riccardo seems to have taken his natural stature as a bit of a challenge as far as physical prowess goes.

Hometown: Riccardo hails from fairly far from Relin, but still closer to it than any other city. He lived with in a small hamlet that mostly just attended to three or four large extended families around a lighthouse. The lighthouse is there because the hamlet is on the coast just up against the mountains, where there is naturally some dangerous waters and jagged rocks below the surface, thus making it important for boats to pass a little further from the coast at this point, for what few ships brave this frozen north. The hamlet is known as Ellight. As it is far enough secluded from Relin, it doesn't share much but Relin's age.

Personality: Riccardo is rather meek at first glance, as befitting a middle son with rather diminutive stature. He has a somewhat wry, sarcastic sense of humor and is rather distrusting, but he those facets are about as uppity as Riccardo gets under normal circumstances. He is rather easy to push around and will usually do what he is asked to do as long as it's not about anything terribly important (and he trusts the individual in question). Riccardo does have things he wishes to protect. While he will not grandiosely declare his resistance, he is capable of it.

Relic Description: Riccardo's relics are black and white snowflakes. The pattern of black and white changes for each snowflake, but as opposed to the "each snowflake is unique" the pattern of construction is constant.
Starting Natrelmon: Eletta, Eletta
History: Riccardo is an unneeded child. Not unloved, but he was not necessary. There were no responsibilities for him at home. A hamlet without a library is simply not an amazing place for a scholar. Riccardo mastered his home's tomes before he had finished truly learning to read, as there were less books than fingers on his hands. He graciously parted ways with his home and family in the same gracious manner as he tries to accomplish everything.

Riccardo misses his home both the clime and kin, but he has not yet found what he is searching for. A role in which he is necessary.

Professions: Scholar, Tamer
Noteworthy Skills: He is apparently an apprentice Cryomancer with level 3 Cryomancy.

Non-Bio but I have some questions:
Do I have this right?:
Toran has been recently attacked and rebuilt by guys looking for black shards (Is the black shards part common knowledge?)
There was a war in the past between the kings and people trying to capture the power of the black gate. Despite the fact that the only survivors were the kings transformed into the legendary natrelmon, everyone knows about the war from books and other such non-living records. Or is it a different war everyone remembers?
Are there any limitations on having multiple natrelmon out at once for battle? I understand that most people prefer 1v1 match ups for training and official battles, but in the case of all out to the death battle, do both sides generally summon their whole roster, baring anyone they are saving for a special moment?

In use Characters of Others: (For appearance reference so I don't need to look it up.)
Kimlee Odayaka - No clue. Is a girl?
Kal Stride - Slightly below average height, slender frame, pale skin, short brown hair, dark green top and shorts and eyes. Has scars, two of which are visible, one under eye and one on back.
Rook - wild black mane, corded long beard, gray blue eyes, rugged, black cutoff and jeans. Massive muscles.
Eve Maynee - Slightly below average height, pony tail auburn, pale skin, dark green eyes, black slacks with red shirt with black turtleneck.
Song Lin Tiao - Young child, average height, black hair, white eyes, formal robe usually with perhaps umbrella or walking stick.
Song Chyou - tall stature, albino, long platinum blond hair, lean, carries a nodachi. O_o
Night Westing - Average height, muscular but lean, tanner but not by much than all the pale people, dark brown short hair, black hoody with kaigara outlined in purple, black jeans, simple boots. Unless it's warm, where he'll wear shorts and t shirt.

"It was reminiscent of a young boy, clearly lacking in watts upstairs, and a Penkaz, whatever that was, but much less lame." Hehe, nice. Dunno if you're referring to my constant stream of characters who didn't do anything while the Penkaz ran the show, but it fits regardless. :3
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Riccardo Decca
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