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 Riccardo Decca

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PostSubject: Riccardo Decca   Fri Jan 10, 2014 12:23 am

+ Riccardo Decca +

+ Party Natrelmon +

1) Angra Mainyu - Level 30 Male Nevisetta - 17243
2) Ahura Mazda - Level 30 Female Nevisetta - 17233
4) Isandro - Level 17 Female Mythari - 5422

+ Boxed Natrelmon +

1) Evangeline - Level 6 Female Swalest - 283

Money: 17500N

-3 E grade relics

- Level 3 Cryomancy 1500 exp
- Level 2 Abjuration 1444 exp

- Advanced Mind (x1.2 natrelmon experience)

- Scholar Rank 2 - 700 exp
- Tamer Rank 4 - 2700 exp

-Starter Natrelmon has gained fifteen levels because it starts at level 15! Except the one at level 5.
- Then captures with bonus rolls.
- This ridiculous tie with my Angra vs Itsuki's Mythin
"[12:26:39 AM] OUTRAGEOUS CATRELMON: If you say "Shatter!" as I'm about to Cinders, we'll both have to recall simultaneously.
[12:27:01 AM] OUTRAGEOUS CATRELMON: The Cinders would kill your Nevetta, and the Shatter would kill Mythin. (AKA not what we want yo)
[12:37:53 AM] OUTRAGEOUS CATRELMON: You get 18,000 exp.
[12:38:05 AM] The Gecko: Holy..
[12:38:12 AM] OUTRAGEOUS CATRELMON: I get 18,000 EXP too.
[12:38:14 AM] OUTRAGEOUS CATRELMON: Yaaaaay."
However, the jump gets capped at 30, so my Angra and Ahura using passive max at 30 (Ahura behind by 210, so technically level 29) Also boosts my Tamer exp by it's full 2000 cap, +200 base, for 2200 Tamer exp.

-Apply Tamer 10% of way to next level up boost to each natrelmon. Multiplied by 20% on Mythari and Swallest. That draconic knowledges 480 onto abjuration. 1/11/2014
- x4 Library Rolls (sacrificed wild one and bonus) 1/11/2014
-Which got me the below
"[10:10:06 AM] OUTRAGEOUS CATRELMON: You are now the proud owner of the Staff of Unbridled Power.
[10:10:22 AM] OUTRAGEOUS CATRELMON: Staff of Unbridled Power

A long, black staff carved from the remains of a charred oak tree. The staff smells faintly of smoke and various ritual herbs, but emanates an aura of unmistakeable evil. While wielding the staff, at the user's discretion, any spell the user casts will be duplicated and fired from the tip of the staff if applicable. When exposed to Blood Magic, the staff emanates a permanent Boiling Blood circle equal to [Rank]'s in measurements. The user is immune to all of their own Blood Magic, but are doubly weak to an enemy's Blood Magic. The user cannot proc Blasphemy on themselves while they have the Staff of Unbridled Power.
[10:10:59 AM] The Gecko: Oh boy, I got the "Please kill me Payl" staff, didn't I?"
- Expanded Library Card 1/11/2014
- Got Tamer rank four, specialization Ice.
- Loss to Rayme, 300x1.2x1.2 experience onto Isandro, 432, 864 to Abjuration, 43 to each of my ice bunnies.

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Riccardo Decca
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