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 Calculating Experience for Natrelmon

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PostSubject: Calculating Experience for Natrelmon   Wed Apr 21, 2010 9:34 pm

Experience System

"(([Base] x [Multiplier x Multiplier x Multiplier etc.]) x [Additional Multipliers]) + [Post Bonus] + [Interpretation]"

[Base] = Your Opponent's Level x Their Level Multiplier

Level | Level Multiplier

1-10 | 10
11-15 | 10
16-20 | 15
21-25 | 20
26-30 | 25
31-35 | 30
36-40 | 35
41-45 | 40
46-50 | 45
51-55 | 50
56-60 | 55
61-65 | 60
66-70 | 65
71-75 | 70
76-80 | 75
81-85 | 80
86-90 | 85
91-95 | 90
96-100 | 100


-) Tactician - x5 multiplier if the battle is won using no directly damaging moves. Is not applied if no moves are used, and is applied if the opponent forfeits due to non-directly damaging moves causing potential harm.

-) Magician - x1.5 multiplier if the Trainer uses all of its spells to have an effect on the battle. Increased to x2 if the Trainer uses spells of only one School, and uses all of their available spells in said school at least once. Only applies to Schools that are at least Rank III. Passive abilities cannot be used, so do not count.

-) Devout - x1.5 multiplier if the Trainer has Rank III+ spells in any given School but does not use any spells of that School in the battle. Draconic Knowledge is not applied if this multiplier is applied. This is an optional multiplier. Cannot be applied if Magician is applied.

-) Hardy - x1.5 multiplier added additively for every weakness that the Natrelmon has to a defeated opponent. Stops at 3 weaknesses. Weaknesses cancel out with resistances, i.e., A fire type would get no multiplier against a water/grass type, as the water resistance cancels out the grass weakness.

-) Brute - x2 multiplier if the Natrelmon uses no utility moves and the trainer uses no helpful spells.

-) Gutsy - xY, where Y is 2 times the number of level sets the winning Natrelmon is below the losing Natrelmon, starting at a 2 level set difference. I.E., A level 9 beating a level 16 would get a x4 multiplier. A level 9 beating a level 21 would get a x6, and so on and so forth.

[Additional Multipliers]

-) Defeatist - x0.5 multiplier, separately applied, if the Natrelmon does not actively fight against an enemy attacking it.
-) Diminished - x0.75 multiplier, separately added, if the same trainer is fought repeatedly. After 3 consecutive battles, the multiplier kicks in. After a fourth, it decreases to x0.5. For fifth onwards, it becomes a x0.25. Anything after this becomes x0 - All experience is lost.


-) Interpretation - If the GMs deem a battle to be deserving, they may add an arbitrary amount of experience to that battle. This is unaffected by multipliers and is very rare.

[Post Bonus]

The Post Bonus is a unique addition to experience in the sense that it can act as either a multiplier or an addition. Every post that the Natrelmon battles adds 5% of the Natrelmon's base experience to their experience gained. However, if the battle finishes with 5 or 10 exchanges, this bonus is instead a multiplier:

-) Hasty - x3 multiplier if the battle finishes within 5 exchanges. Negates Post Bonus.
-) Speedy - x2 multiplier if the battle finishes within 10 exchanges. Negates Post Bonus.

If the battle takes 11 or more exchanges, the percentage of the post bonus increases to 15%, and for every 5 exchanges above 15 exchanges, the percentage increases by 5%.


How to calculate Experience

The Admins: Tuujaimaa, Innue, Ttocs is Awe and will work out all experience.

Losing Natrelmon will have their experience calculated as if they have won, sans post bonus replacement modifiers, and then halved.

Natrelmon's Rate of Experience

Natrelmon have different rates of growth, shown by the amount of experience it takes for them to level up. The three rates are: Fast, Medium and Slow. In the Databook, Natrelmon have one of these types. Below are the lists of experience for each rate.






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Calculating Experience for Natrelmon
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