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 Merchant, Master of Coin

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PostSubject: Merchant, Master of Coin   Wed Dec 18, 2013 12:51 pm

The merchant is a master of making money. Those with the skills of the merchant will be able to hunt out bargains and find their money savvy bringing in some extra dough.

Merchants level by spending gold.

Rank I - Capital Investment - Merchants gain 750N per week in place of the standard 500 each week.

Rank II - Profiteering - All N income is boosted by 20% except for the gold from Capital Investment.

Rank III - Cutting a Deal - Shrewd businesspeople, merchants will find shops are 10% cheaper.

Rank IV - Networking - Merchants pay only 50% of the entry fee to an Arena.

Rank V - Return Policy - Merchants can sell back items, but the cannot earn experience on the amount of money returned. Items are returned at the price the merchant would have paid for them. (Please don't try to abuse this or we will be very, very angry).

Rank VI - Online Shopping - Merchants are able to shop on the fly.

Rank VII - Monopoly - Merchants declare a city. All items purchased from that city have a cut of 10% sent to any merchant that declared that city.

Rank VIII - Investments - Merchants now gain 10% of their N on hand each month.

Rank IX - Buy One, Get One - All purchases the Merchant makes are duplicated, but cannot be sold back to the shop.

Rank X - (Almost) Everything has a Price - Once every 6 months, the Merchant can declare a singular item, Natrelmon, etc and expend 100,000 N, granting them that item, Natrelmon, etc. Cannot be used on Divine Items.
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Merchant, Master of Coin
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