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 RP Rules (Natrelmon Battles)

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PostSubject: RP Rules (Natrelmon Battles)   Wed Apr 21, 2010 12:57 am

Okay. I'm sure you all know how to battle. This is the special rules section for the Natrelmon roleplay.

1) If a trainer has a Natrelmon out, and you are still using a Natrelmon, under no circumstances can that Natrelmon directly attack the trainer without taking out the Natrelmon first. This is enforced by a powerful magic within the relic that holds the Natrelmon that will cause a painful outlash to both the trainer and the Natrelmon who consciously attempts this.

2) A Natrelmon is considered 'taken out' if it is fainted, dead, or simply has no more will to battle.

3) Relics have four states of activity during battle: A normal state (nothing looks special about the relic), a weakened state (a generally increasing stiumulus that increases when the Natrelmon bounded to that relic takes damage), a critical state (the epitome of the weakened state where the Natrelmon is on the verge of death), and a dead state (the relic falls apart or explodes, because the Natrelmon has died). The middle two are good indicators suggesting when you should pull out of a battle.

4) If both trainers are airborne and fighting in the sky, rule one does not apply since it is impossible to attack the Natrelmon without endangering the trainer to plummet to his death.

5) Wild Natrelmon also obey rule one; however, if they outclass you by over fifteen levels (a good sign you should have noticed something wrong by then), they can ignore that rule. This does not apply to ANY trainer-bound Natrelmon.

6) In any 'official' battle (Arena or tournament), it is lawfully illegal to attack a trainer while they have no Natrelmon out; no attacks should be going on until the battle is ready to commence.
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RP Rules (Natrelmon Battles)
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