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 Divine Armour - Crystal Queen's Set

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PostSubject: Divine Armour - Crystal Queen's Set   Divine Armour - Crystal Queen's Set I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2012 9:12 pm

Sceptre of Unsent Spirits

A ritual censer cast in the motif of a great phoenix and bound to a sceptre made of crystal. A faint trail of smoke lingers from the beak of the phoenix that the censer depicts, which smells faintly of cherry-tree bark. The Sceptre gives its bearer an aura of pure light which casts no shadows and disperses all shadows in its radius (15 feet). Additionally, all Eldritch Chains in the light fade into nothing over the course of an exchange. If the Sceptre hits a Ghost is deals heavy damage to them.

Daybreak Coronet

A simple circlet made of bound crystalline feathers. The circlet looks simple and dull when it is not worn, but when worn it springs to life, glowing a faint, but beautiful white and gaining a lustrous sheen. While wearing the Daybreak Coronet, the user can create a crystal feather once every fortnight. Whenever another person has a crystal feather, the bearer can telepathically communicate with them. The user is also able to telepathically communicate with their Natrelmon at all times. Additionally, by invoking the power of a feather and removing its power for 72 hours, the bearer of the feather is able to create a 10 feet diameter ring around the feather which prevents all hostile moves or spells from entering or leaving the ring. The ring can block a maximum of five instances of damage and will fade after two exchanges. The bearer of the Coronet can invoke this circle once per day.

Portrait of Nine Kindred Spirits

A small locket that contains a picture of nine people. The faces of the people cannot be directly made out, and it seems to vary between wielders, but the nine people have an air of familiarity and friendliness that one cannot help but feel better for. Whenever the bearer's Natrelmon remains still for an exchange, they gain a stack of Kindred Spirits. At nine stacks of Kindred Spirits the Natrelmon gains the Crystal-type. Additionally, the bearer can use the Nine-Spirit Seal and it can affect Ghost-types, preventing them from using non-Eldritch Chain moves for the remainder of the battle.

Reflection of the Light

A sash that is often woven around the waist or wrapped around an arm. In the centre of the sash there is a small white gemstone that sparkles with faint white light even in complete darkness. Whenever light is shone into the gemstone it sparkles brilliantly. Once per battle, the bearer can invoke the power of the sash to bolster the spirit of a Natrelmon they have out. The Natrelmon is immediately shielded by a dome of spiritual energy that can take nine hits before dissipating. Upon dissipation, nine spirits move from the Natrelmon to form a circle fifteen feet from the Natrelmon over the course of an exchange, removing all Eldritch Chains and shadows in the process, and then unleash their power, branding all unfriendly targets within the circle with the Nine-Spirit Seal.

Bastion of the South

The Bastion of the South is actually a pair of gloves that are faintly laced with crystal. The gloves emit a soothing white light at regular intervals. The bearer can channel, projecting a crystalline shield 6 feet tall by 3 feet wide, within 10 feet of the bearer or the bearer's Natrelmon. The shield can block an infinite number of attacks. The shield is stationary and cannot be moved by any means. If the user ceases channelling the Bastion of the South, they cannot channel again for five exchanges. Whenever this shield or an Abjuration/Restoration spell is struck by Blood Magic, the caster of the Blood Magic is Nine-Spirit Sealed for three exchanges. Additionally, once every six exchanges, the bearer can project a Nine-Spirit Seal in a straight line up to 30 feet in length.

Set Bonus: Effigy of the Crystal Queen

The bearer gains the ability to use the Crystal-type moves. The bearer's Crystal Prisms become Effigies of the Crystal Queen, which look like a kneeling woman in prayer. The Effigies emit a healing aura that increases the effect of all healing spells by 100%. The aura does not stack, but standing in two auras simultaneously will cast a Healing Word: Convalesce on whomever stands in the auras once every six exchanges. The Effigies simultaneously act as Globes of Ielle.
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Divine Armour - Crystal Queen's Set
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