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 Divine Armour - Genbu's Set

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PostSubject: Divine Armour - Genbu's Set   Divine Armour - Genbu's Set I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 25, 2012 9:10 pm


An immense warhammer that looks so heavy no mortal should be able to lift it. The handle of the hammer scintillates with hues of emerald, and a streak of burnished bronze coils up the length of the stem, etched into the hammer with a skill that no artisan today could claim to possess. Upon reaching the hammer proper, the coil splits into two directions, illuminating the otherwise grey material. The grey steel seems to emit a peculiar level of incandescence, bathing the remainder of the hammer in verdant pastels of green. It seems to emit a calming quality, attuning itself and those around it with the patient nature of the earth.

The Bearer of Patience gains twice as much Patience as normal. Whenever Patience strikes something, immense damage is dealt evenly to all objects within a five foot radius of the impact point. Whenever Patience hits terrain that has been modified by Natrelmon or Trainers, it immediately returns to its natural state.

Once every ten exchanges, the Bearer of Patience can leap into the air, bringing the massive hammer up with them, and slamming down on a location within twenty feet of their starting point. The area ten feet in radius around the centre of the landing point immediately becomes blocked off with a circular wall of earth, six feet high.


Virtue is a massive tower shield, slightly curved outwards in an arc, that stands at approximately seven feet tall. The shield is a brilliant emerald, the hue of the grass and leaves and even nature itself, and patterned into the lustrous emerald on the face of the shield is a series of glyphs that cannot be read or even fully seen by the mortals of today. The shield, while seemingly as ancient as the land itself, does not bear a single blemish - indicating that it has either never been hit before, or that things that hit it cannot so much as leave a mark.

The Bearer of Virtue gains all Geomancy Innate Abilities. Virtue is completely indestructible and is immune to almost all enemy magic.

The Bearer of Virtue is able to slam it into the ground once every five exchanges, creating an Earth Wall with the same dimensions that a Rank V Geomancer could. This wall can benefit from the effect of Patience.


An earth colored ring that grants the user the ability to use a lesser version of Takamagahara. This platform is limited in size to around a 5 feet by 5 feet platform and up to fifty feet in height. This platform moves at an AS for 3 through the air.

If the user has Rank IX Geomancy, then they gain an additional full strength Takagamagahara.

In addition to the ability to create another platform, the bearer gains access to an Unyielding Defense that is on an independent cooldown to Geomancy's, but still gains the benefits of the schools abilities and the ability to interact with it.


The Bearer gains the ability to cast Veil of Mists and Break One's Word. Break One's Word has no number of uses and only requires the Bearer be within their own Mist to counter spells, but has a three exchange cooldown.


Grants the ability for the bearer to use Veil of Mists independent of Hydromancy, as well as gain access to the One with the Mist Passive. In addition. Veil of Mists created do no expire naturally, but the bearer is limited to only having 5 Veils of Mists actives.
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Divine Armour - Genbu's Set
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