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 Pyromancy, School of Flame

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PostSubject: Pyromancy, School of Flame   Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:06 pm

Innate Ability: Burning Concentration

The Pyromancer is able to charge two Pyromancy spells at once. Whenever a Pyromancy spell is launched, if the Pyromancer was charging an additional spell, the released spell will have an additional effect. Whenever the Pyromancer is charging Pyromancy spells, they may only cast two additional spells from other schools while they are charging. Whenever the user stops charging they gain "Burned Out!", reducing all fire damage dealt by 50% for three exchanges. Pyromancy spells have a cooldown of one exchange.

Rank I - Lesser Fireball [6]

The Pyromancer charges for up to two exchanges, then unleashes a [[Rank] | [Rank*1.5] | [Rank*2]] foot wide fireball in a linear line. The Fireball will explode in a radius equal to half that of the Fireball’s. The Fireball travels at 10 fps.

Charging Bonus: The Fireball sets all targets hit alight, dealing 100% additional damage over two exchanges.

Rank II - Cinders of Kyokujitsu [4]

The user charges for one exchange, then creates a ball of white flame which erupts forwards as a cone (10 feet in diameter, 20 feet in length) of 100 white petals. These petals will not 'burn' whatever they come into contact with, rather they will stick to the victim and dissolve over time. When all petals on the user dissolve (approx. 3 exchanges) the victim explodes in a ball of white flame proportionate to the amount of petals that were on them. At Rank VI, Cinders of Kyokujitsu’s damage is doubled and its radius and length are doubled.

Charging Bonus: The petals erupt immediately.

Rank III - Pyroclastic Torrent [3]

The Pyromancer charges for up to three exchanges, marking an area, then unleashes a vertical torrent of hot ash from the ground after a delay of [Three | Two | One | One] exchange(s). The torrent of flame deals [50% | 75% | 100% | 150%] damage and has a radius and height of [[Rank/2] | [Rank] | [Rank*1.5] | [Rank*2]] feet. Targets hit by the torrent are burned for an additional [0% | 15% | 35% | 50%] of the damage dealt over 5 exchanges.

Charging Bonus: The Torrent blinds all targets for two exchanges and leaves behind a cloud of ash in the area for [1 | 2 | 3 | 4] exchanges which acts like a Dust Bowl and deals constant Fire damage to anything within.

Rank IV - Recurring Inferno [-]

The Pyromancer gains a stack of Recurring Flame each time they land a damaging Pyromancy spell or their Natrelmon lands a Fire-type move (stacks are gained if the spell/move hits a barrier or modified earth). The Pyromancer’s melee and thrown (Weapons) attacks deal strong Fire-type damage and give the user a stack of Recurring Flame. The Pyromancer may consume three stacks of Recurring Flame to either: Make the next Pyromancy spell free; Restore one use of a Pyromancy spell; Gain a buff that causes the next Pyromancy spell to gain its Charging bonus regardless of whether or not the user was Charging.

Rank V - River of Napalm [3]

The Pyromancer charges for up to two exchanges, marking a [Rank] feet diameter circle on the ground within 15 feet of them as they start. After one exchange the circle erupts into a sticky, burning napalm that deals constant but minor Fire-type damage to anything that stands within it. The Napalm slows by [10% | 40% | 60%] and increases all Fire damage taken by [10% | 20% | 30%]. Lasts for [2 | 3 | 4] exchanges.

Charging Bonus: The Napalm will spread out in four rivers after one exchange, and will deal considerable constant damage instead of minor damage.

Rank VI - Empowering Blaze [2]

The Pyromancer charges for up to 4 exchanges. Whenever a spell successfully hits an opponent while Empowering Blaze is charging, the Pyromancer casts Empowering Blaze, empowering the spell that hit the opponent, and immediately charging another Rank V or lower spell in place of it. The Pyromancer may, in addition, consume up to seven stacks of Recurring Flame to empower the spell with additional effects. Each effect may only be added to a given spell once.

The spell will deal 25% additional damage.

1: The spell will slow its target by 10%, increasing by 10% each exchange for the next two exchanges.

3: The spell will produce a pool of flame beneath the target, [Rank] feet in diameter, that deals constant Fire damage to all unfriendly targets standing upon it. The pool lasts for three exchanges, and will become a River of Napalm if it comes into contact with a River of Napalm.

5: The spell will knock its target back [Rank] feet. If this value exceeds 8 feet, the target takes 10% increased Fire damage for the remainder of the battle.

7: The spell is duplicated and immediately fired again. If the spell hits the target, all stacks of Recurring Flame are refunded.

Rank VII - Greater Fireball [4]

The Pyromancer charges for up to two exchanges, then unleashes a [[Rank*1.5] | [Rank*2] | [Rank*3]] foot wide fireball in a linear line. The Fireball will explode in a radius equal to that of the Fireball’s. If the flames from Greater Fireball hit a River of Napalm or the ash from Pyroclastic Torrent, the duration of the effects of those spells is increased by two exchanges.

Charging Bonus: Greater Fireball deals 100% additional damage and will explode again after three exchanges in the same place it originally exploded at.

Rank VIII - Ashbringer [3]

The Pyromancer charges for up to three exchanges, marking a [Rank*3] diameter circle on the ground as they do so. One exchange after casting the spell, black ash rains from the sky. For each exchange an unfriendly target is within the ash, the Pyromancer gains a stack of Recurring Flame. Unfriendly targets within Ashbringer gain a stack of "Ignition" for each exchange they spend in Ashbringer. For each stack of "Ignition" a target has, the next spell the Pyromancer lands on that target will give them stacks of Recurring Flame equal to the number of stacks of "Ignition". "Ignition" is not consumed upon being hit by Pyromancy spells, but will dissipate after three exchanges of not being within Ashbringer. Ashbringer lasts for [4 | 5 | 6] exchanges.

Charging Bonus: Ashbringer deals 1% of the target's maximum health in damage each exchange for each stack of Recurring Flame the Pyromancer has. Caps at 20%.

Rank IX - Searing Wall [2]

The Pyromancer charges for up to two exchanges. Creates a wall of fire equal to [Rank] feet wide that nullifies any magic projectile passing through it by igniting the flames within five feet of the Pyromancer. Flames from Searing Wall do no damage to Natrelmon or trainers. Searing Wall lasts for [[Rank] | [Rank*1.5] | [Rank*2] seconds.

Searing Wall may be swapped at any time with any other charging Pyromancer Spell at cost of the move, but retains the number of posts charged.

Charging Bonus: If fully charged, Searing Wall becomes Searing Vortex, surrounding the Pyromancer in mystical white hot flames. Searing Wall nullifies all projectile magic cast at the Pyromancer and persists for [Rank*0.5] seconds before becoming a normal Searing Wall for the remaining duration of the third charge ([Rank*2]-[Rank*0.5]). While Searing Vortex, all enemies within the confines of Searing Vortex will be dealt moderate fire damage. Searing Vortex moves with the caster.

Rank X - World in Flames [1]

The Pyromancer charges for one exchange, then unleashes a fireball practically identical to Lesser Fireball. The Fireball explodes in a 20 foot diameter blast at the Pyromancer's whim, giving the Pyromancer "World in Flames!" if it hits a target.

"World in Flames!" causes the user to generate three stacks of Recurring Flame every time they hit an opponent with any attack (melee or spell) for the next four exchanges.

If the user has "World in Flames!" and has successfully procced two Charging Bonuses in succession, World in Flames becomes Worldfire:

Rank X - Worldfire [1]

The Pyromancer charges for one exchange, then unleashes Worldfire. Over the course of three exchanges, an immense fireball plummets from the sky to a target location, dealing immense damage in a 100 foot radius area to all unfriendly targets. The area where the fireball will hit is marked, and over the course of the fireball's descent, all enemies inside the area get a stack of Heat Exhaustion every exchange they remain in the area. Each stack of Heat Exhaustion reduces damage dealt and increases damage taken by 33% for the next three exchanges.

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Pyromancy, School of Flame
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