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 Cryomancy, School of Frost

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PostSubject: Cryomancy, School of Frost   Mon Jul 16, 2012 7:04 pm

Innate Ability: Chill of the North

Cryomancy spells cause enemies hit to gain a stack of “Chill of the North”, which can be consumed by other Cryomancy spells for additional effects. Whenever “Chill of the North” is consumed within a Blizzard, the next Blizzard cast gains a new effect based on the spell that consumed “Chill of the North”. The Cryomancer’s spells do not have a limited number of uses, except where stated, but can only cast each of their Cryomancy spells up to once per exchange.

Thermal Sense [-]

Cryomancers are able to sense the location of anything within their Blizzard or within a Hydromancer’s mist, provided that they have a higher rank in Cryomancy than the Hydromancer does in Hydromancy and the Hydromancer is not stood still.

Rank I – Frozen Sphere [-]

The Cryomancer creates a sphere of icy energy and throws it at a speed of fifteen feet per second. The sphere will detonate upon contact with an object or at the Cryomancer’s discretion. Upon detonation, the sphere releases icy energy in a [[Rank] + 3] foot radius, lightly damaging all enemies hit and applying Chill of the North. Enemies hit directly by Frozen Sphere take triple damage.

If Frozen Sphere does not damage an enemy, it cannot be used for the next three exchanges.

Chill of the North – The Cryomancer’s next Blizzard can be used regardless of the Blizzard restrictions.

Rank II – Frostburn [5]

The Cryomancer fires a blast of icy energy in a direction, travelling at fifteen feet per second, which deals moderate Ice-type damage and applying Chill of the North to whatever it hits. If Frostburn does not hit a target after travelling thirty feet, it explodes in a [5 + [Rank]] foot radius, applying Chill of the North to enemies hit.

Chill of the North – Frostburn instead deals [10 + [Rank]]% of the target’s maximum health in unpreventable damage.

Rank III – Blizzard [-]

The Cryomancer creates a storm of icy energy in a location, [5 + [Rank]] feet in radius, that deals constant minor Ice-type damage to all enemies within it and obscures vision. Enemies below 20% health within a Blizzard cannot be healed and cannot be recalled. Blizzard lasts for three exchanges, increasing by one exchange at Rank V and two exchanges at Rank X, and forms after a delay of two seconds.

The Cryomancer can cast up to one Blizzard per exchange, and can have up to 3 Blizzards active at any given point. This limit is increased to 4 at Rank V, and 5 at Rank X.

Rank IV – Winter’s Bite [-]

The Cryomancer channels a beam of icy energy for up to three seconds that travels at ten feet per second. Enemies hit by the beam take damage equivalent to that of Blizzard. If an enemy would be hit by Winter’s Bite within a Blizzard, the damage is tripled.

Chill of the North – The next Blizzard’s duration is doubled.

Rank V – Fragility [-]

Enemies within a Blizzard take [[Rank] * 10]% additional Ice-type damage.

Rank VI – Endless Winter [-]

The Cryomancer is now able to store Chill of the North effects that alter their Blizzard, allowing them to empower one Blizzard with multiple effects.

Rank VII – Frozen Tomb [2]

The Cryomancer channels for one second, then surges energy through one active Blizzard. Enemies caught within the Blizzard suffer damage equal to the total damage of the Blizzard, and are unable to leave the confines of the Blizzard until it expires.

Chill of the North – The first time each enemy within the Blizzard would have Chill of the North removed, instead the effect is applied but Chill of the North is not consumed.

Rank VIII – Rimeburst [-]

The Cryomancer fires a shard of ice in a direction, travelling at 15 feet per second. If the shard comes into contact with an enemy or terrain, it shatters, dealing moderate Ice-type damage in a [5 + [Rank]] foot line behind the shatter point.

If the shard would enter a Blizzard, it shatters and deals its damage to all enemies within the Blizzard. This effect can only apply to any given Blizzard once for its duration.

If Rimeburst does not damage an enemy, it cannot be used for the next three exchanges.

Chill of the North – The Blizzard will deal 1% max health damage each exchange for each Chill of the North buff applied to it.

Rank IX – Frozen Heart [-]

Bonuses gained from Chill of the North effects for Frozen Sphere, Rimeburst, and Winter's Bite persist for the remainder of the battle. This has no stack limit.

In addition, Fragility applies to all damage.

Rank X – Dragonwrath [1]

If the Cryomancer has every Chill of the North buff from Frozen Heart, they create an immense Blizzard with themselves at the center, 40 feet in radius (increased by 10 feet for each currently active Blizzard within the initial radius), that has every Chill of the North upgrade. This Blizzard gains each Chill of the North upgrade from Blizzards that it consumed, as well as an additional Chill of the North upgrade for each stack gained from Frozen Heart. While within this Blizzard, Frostburn has no cooldown.
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Cryomancy, School of Frost
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