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 Valerie Takestro

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PostSubject: Valerie Takestro   Sat Oct 23, 2010 8:54 pm

Name: Valerie Takestro

Age: 17

Gender: Female


Valerie is not much different than your average seventeen year old girl, save the brilliant white hair adorning her head, cut off at the bottom of the shoulder-blades. Of fair and pale complexion, she stands at five feet, six inches, with pale blue eyes.

Though her clothes vary appropriately to the weather, she is always fully covered from ankle to neck with black, occasional white lace adorning the more dressy outfits. She often has a lazy expression, and on rare occasion wears black fingernail polish and lipstick, to completely ostracize herself from normal society.

If I had to say a favorite outfit, it would be as thus: starting from the neck and to her ankles, a simply black dress adorns her, lace at the neck and at the bottom, long socks coming from slightly elevated shoes, tucked again under her dress. The lace from the neck comes down in a line a crossed the torso and then loops around the waist in a simple yet elegant fashion.

Hometown: Relin


Whoops. Did I combine that with appearance again? Well, shoot. She's a reserved, often quiet girl, more in tune with Natrelmon than people. Its not that she's incapable of relating to people; its that she doesn't make an effort to reach out often, as if its not what drives her.

She'd prefer to go to the forest than to a friend's funeral, for instance. She finds solace in nature, not in humanity. Still, if one gets to know her, this could change somewhat.

I love how these change drastically.

Relic Description Her relics take the shape of skull-ornamented rings on her right hand, varying slightly with type and Natrelmon.

Starting Natrelmon: Sparwire


Valerie was born in Relin, leaving a sheltered life with overly concerned parents who did not know the meaning of 'let your daughter join a club or something'. Yeah... the only solace she had was her time in the backyard, somewhat expansive, and leading out into a Calvin and Hobbes' esque-forest in the warmer parts of the year.

Her friend became nature; though she did well in school, she preferred to go into her 'happy place', that backyard, and play with the friendly Omu and Xiao, much to her parent's discontent.

When she was fifteen, she fell in this forest, and broke her leg. Of course, this healed with time and did not dishearten Valerie, but it left her parents in a complete shock. After all, nothing should happen to their little angel... so she was locked in her room for several months, not even allowed to go to class. The forced home-schooling was the worst part of this entire ordeal for her. She had enough of this stuffy household. Really.

Before her seventeenth birthday, Valerie simply ran away. Well, walked away. She was tired of being suffocated by her parents, and simply moved away from Relin, a Sparwire following her, a rare friend that she had found in the forest, who had agreed to be in the first relic that Valerie stumbled upon. A discarded relic was the start of her journey...

Professions: DO NOT PICK YET

Noteworthy Skills:
-With how little she cares about the world, she can focus solely on one thing, entirely. Magic can be learned faster, and distractions can be all but ignored in battle.

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Valerie Takestro
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