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 In the Wild

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PostSubject: In the Wild   Mon May 24, 2010 7:19 am

Tashiro today had his usually bushy spiky black hair that is naturally like that so he doesn't have to worry about doing his hair in the morning. His skin is white though not pale white as he had when he was small, but it's still kind of white at least in a healthier sense. What Tashiro wears is a simple white long sleeved shirt, the sleeves reach about a bit beyond the wrist, for pants he wears dark blue jeans comfortable enough to travel around the world in. His sneakers were white with black designs on it, dark laces, and very awesome to look at if I might add.

Tashiro, even though he looks like he's sick, his body could show the very opposite since he could handle himself in a fight with ease, well at least if another trainer decides to steal his stuff though he never had to worry about that. The area seemed like a fun place to be somewhat, though climbing a mountain wasn't the most fun thing in the world for Tashiro. He wanted to find something up there though it seems like anytime he wanted something, he had to climb to the ends of the Earth to find it. As he searched for a Natrelmon Tashiro thought about what he went through earlier, he was shocked that no one really criticized his personality though it was a good thing.

Tashiro is a really straightforward guy, he usually says what's on his mind within reason of course. If he meets a woman he thinks is very loud, ugly, and stupid he wouldn't say it if he knew she could physical harm him, or make his life a living hell, Tashiro doesn't hit women. He's almost very analytical in his situations so he tends to speak in very odd patterns because he speaks what his brain "tells him", which comes out as a big sentence of "what the f---?". This doesn't mean that Tashiro is a boring person, to people he finds very interesting he may befriend them, and even act like a friend even though his face always seem apathetic at most times.

Tashiro was happy his Goll evolved into a Gull if it would be a useful, it did look like a very interesting Natrelmon to have. "I wonder..." Tashiro whispered, taking out his PDA, and scanned his Gull, he was curious on what exactly he would evolve to. The PDA then gave information on his third form Gall, it has now gained more blue feathers. They now border the entire body of the bird, and cover the underbelly, the feathers on most of the creature being a pure white color. Tashiro was happy to see that his Natrelmon would get stronger and gain more attacks as well as a new type. "Hmmm, I might have to do something interesting when we get into town..." Tashiro said as he walked up.

When he tried to find something on the final evolution it didn't have a picture or information for some reason just that it's name was Coball and that it gained a new type. "That's odd...well I have a while before I figure out when it evolves." Tashiro said shrugging and put his PDA back into his pocket. Looking around he wanted to see if there was a Natrelmon hiding anywhere, there should be something behind a rock or in the air. "If I was a Natrelmon, where would I be....?" he whispered to himself as he turned a corner still thinking to himself about a possible location.
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In the Wild
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