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 Song Lin Tiao

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PostSubject: Song Lin Tiao   Thu Apr 29, 2010 6:57 pm

Name: Song Lin Tiao
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Appearance: Song Lin Tiao is an average height girl for her age. She has dark black hair that contrasts with her white eyes. Clothing wise, she typically is in some formal style of robe, which are usually very ornate and a bit off from practical. She also tends to have an umbrella with her, or her walking stick, or a combination of the two.
Hometown: Lifan
Personality: Song Lin Tiao is a very complicated girl. As a noble, she is reserved and meek. However, for those that get to know here, she is a vibrant and powerful personality, once the chains of her positions are freed from her. She possesses keen senses not only about the physical world around her, but a great sensitivity to what people are feeling. Her advice, which she frequently gives, usually is precise and hits home for those that listen to her. She knows what she is talking about and seems to have the life experiences of someone 5 times her age.
Relic Description Song Lin Tiao has no Natrelmon
Starting Natrelmon: Song Lin Tiao has no Natrelmon
History: Song Lin Tiao was born into one of the few remaining noble houses in the city of Lifan. Having survived hundreds of years, her family continues to hang onto a more traditional outlook on life. Their members still wear traditional clothing and are often called in as experts on the traditions that fuel many of the holidays around Nerta. The Song family have been the official hosts of the Suzaku Festival for over 85 years, much of it financed from their personal store.

Song Lin Tiao ('Lin' or 'Tiao') did possess sight for the first few years of life. She still remembers, for the most part, what colors look like, allowing her to create fairly vivid mental pictures based on detailed descriptions. As her sight began failing, with nothing that could be done, and much to the dismay of her family, Lin began to get much quieter. This worried many people in the family, thinking it was far more severe. What they didn't know is Lin was now spending more time listening to things, absorbing information, which her incredible mind turned into the information she needed. Their concerns, for the most part, was when she bested a number of the other children in a game of marksmanship after having tapped out the distance and listened intently to what was going on around her.

However, Lin, despite having an abundance of energy like most children, was unable to exercise it. Both being a noble and her parents being overprotected, she was forced to spend most of the time in their family's manor. Every year during the preparations of the Suzaku Festival, or some of the other major holidays, Lin would get a small bit of time to do what she wanted. The preparations engaged her parents completely, allowing her to go off an interact with the trainers. They usually kept her away after she had asked if she could go on a Natrelmon 'adventure'. She wasn't considered fit for it by her parents and after years of asking, she gave up, accepting that she would probably not get a chance to raise Natrelmon and challenge the Arenas without her parents' approval.

She pretended to drop the issue and return to the life of a reserved noble. However, Song Lin Tiao was preparing for each gym battle, even though she didn't have a Natrelmon and wouldn't get the chance to get one. She would have to do this differently than most trainers. Most of her preparation was based around the gyms, collecting information from the trainers about the leaders, the arena's design, and learning as much as she could about their preferred Natrelmon. If she knew all of this, even with her blindness, she felt she would be a worthy opponent to them. She just needed a Natrelmon....

A few Suzaku Festivals ago, Song Lin Tiao made a more special connection with the young Eien Odayaka. She spent a lot of her spare time with him as he watched the festival. They discussed Natrelmon, the two sharing a great attention to detail and a liking for the psychic type Natrelmon. It was then she revealed that she was after the powerful Kujaku, a psychic Natrelmon that she felt would allow her to fight on par with any trainer, regardless of the setting.

Noteworthy Skills: Song Lin Tiao is incredibly clever and has a very thorough grasp on mathematics and physics, able to use statistical information in conjunction to formulate strategies and counters to attacks without actually seeing what is going on. However, this typically only works in a static environment and definitely doesn't work well for her when she doesn't have the data she needs.
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PostSubject: Re: Song Lin Tiao   Thu Apr 29, 2010 10:01 pm


Moved accordingly.
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Song Lin Tiao
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