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 Basic Trainer Items

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PostSubject: Basic Trainer Items   Basic Trainer Items I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 22, 2010 1:30 am

~Item List~


Relic F: The worst but cheapest relic for catching Natrelmon. N250
Relic E: A relic that works slightly better than Relic *, while still being quite cheap. N500
Relic D: This relic works better than E, but is quite a bit more expensive. N,1000
Relic C: These relics are expensive and effective. N2,000
Relic B: The second best relic for catching Natrelmon. N4,000
Relic A: The very best and most expensive relic for catching Natrelmon. N6,000.

Special Items:

Ring of the Fifth Edict
Ring of the Fifth Edict prevents the bearer from gaining experience for their Natrelmon in battle. In exchange, the wielder of the Ring of the Fifth Edict allows the person to purchase the Ring of Champions and Ring of Twined Spirits to compensate for their loss. Additionally, bearers of the Ring of the Fifth Edict are forbidden from casting offensive magic unless they have been directly attacked by an individual first.

Ring of Champions
Ring of Champions allows the bearer to enter into a pact with another trainer to declare them one of their Natrelmon their champion. Should their Champion succeed in defeating an Arena challenge, the bearer is considered to have triumphed as well. The Pact from Ring of Champions can only be utilized once per week and both successful and unsuccessful challenges will consume the Pact. Additionally, all Natrelmon bred by the wearer are classified as Champions, providing the same benefits as the Pact. A singular Natrelmon can only be one person's champion. Ring of Champions cannot be chained off of another bearer's ring.

Ring of Twined Spirits
Ring of Twined Spirits allows the bearer to bind the spirits of two Natrelmon from different trainers. When one should be victorious in battle, the other is as well, gaining experience. Should the level of the bearer's Natrelmon be higher than the level of the Natrelmon it is twined with, the experience calculation is done for the bearer's Natrelmon in consideration of their level. Experience gained through Ring of Twined Spirits is capped at 15,000 per instance. Ring of Twined Spirits cannot be chained off of another bearer's ring.

-Experience Pills-

Low-Level Experience Pill: This wonderful item only works on Natrelmon below level 10. It gives the Natrelmon strength to fight in future battles. N5 per experience point.
Experience Pill: This revolutionary item works on Natrelmon from levels 10 to 50. It enhances the Natrelmon's future fighting ability. N10 per experience point.

Synbot. See log for details. N20,000.

-Upgrades for Synthetic Natrelmon-

Note: Upgrades ONLY work on Synthetic Natrelmon produced by Pinehearst Industries.

Flamethrower: Mounted on the chest of the Natrelmon. Has a range of about five feet. N7,500.
Electricity Sapper: Built into the chest of the Natrelmon, this allows the Natrelmon to absorb the power from electric attacks, and use it to strengthen itself. N12,500.
Jetpack: This is built into the back of the creature, and allows it to fly. N10,000.
Thermal Vision: Built into the head of the creature, it allows it to see bodies of heat in any light. It is rendered near-useless by fire, but the creature can return to regular vision. N5,000.
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Basic Trainer Items
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