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 Abjuration, School of Splendour

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PostSubject: Abjuration, School of Splendour   Abjuration, School of Splendour I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 13, 2019 2:41 pm

Innate Ability: Splendid Conjury

As advanced practitioners of protective magic, an Abjurer's Walls are naturally stronger than those of their non-abjurer counterparts. The Abjurer's Wall and Encompassing Wall spells get an additional [Rank / 2] uses.

Innate Ability: Rebuke

The Abjurer is able to channel for one exchange while within [Rank] feet of a barrier, absorbing it into themselves. Then, the Abjurer's magic will naturally repair the barrier over the course of five exchanges. Then, after it is repaired, the Abjurer may instantly redeploy the wall anywhere within [Rank] feet of themselves or their Natrelmon, following the usual wall rules.

The Abjurer can choose to deploy the wall before it is repaired, causing it to retain the number of hits taken before it was absorbed.

All Abjuration spells are invoked verbally and Wall spells require a somatic (movement) component to indicate where they will be placed.

Rank I: Chant of Mending [-]

The Abjurer chants, channeling a spell for up to ten exchanges that can target up to [Rank/2] (rounded up) Humans or Natrelmon, healing them for 1% of their maximum health at the beginning of each exchange. Whenever Chant of Mending heals a target, its healing on that target increases by an additional 2% of their maximum health, up to a maximum of [Rank]%. This channel concludes at the end of 10 exchanges. Chant of Mending has a cooldown of one exchange.

At Rank III, Chant of Mending can be adapted to remove stacks of Venom at a rate of [Rank] per exchange.

At Rank VI, Chant of Mending closes one wound per exchange if it has been maintained for at least four exchanges.

Rank II: Effulgent Burst [3]

The Abjurer marks an area five feet in radius. At the beginning of the next exchange, the marked area is hit by a pillar of light that stuns all enemies within it for 1 second.

At Rank V, the stun increases to 3 seconds.

At Rank VIII, the stun increases to 5 seconds.

Rank III: Blinding Radiance [3]

Blind creates an extremely intense burst of light within 10 feet of the Restoration Mage or their Natrelmon. The burst is 5 feet in radius and blinds all enemies hit for 1 second.

At Rank V, the radius increases to 10 feet and the duration of the blind increases to 1.5 seconds.

At Rank VIII, the radius increases to 20 feet and the duration of the blind increases to 3 seconds.

Rank IV: Suppression [2]

Infuses a target with the Abjurer's power, Purging all negative effects as well as reducing all incoming damage by 30% for two exchanges.

At Rank V, the damage reduction increases to 60%.

At Rank VIII, the damage reduction increases to 90%.

Rank V: Spiritual Purity [1]

The Abjurer enhances one of their existing Walls, causing it to become reflective to enemy magic. The Wall will reflect any projectile spell that hits it, counting as a hit against the wall, back at its caster. The projectile will home in on its caster at 0.5x speed, but once dodged will continue as a linear projectile.

At Rank X, Spiritual Purity can be applied to any defensive spell.

Rank VI: Abjurer's Absorption [1]

The Abjurer causes one Wall to instead absorb an attack that would hit it and produce a divine symbol attuned to the element of the attack that was absorbed.

The divine symbol can be placed on any of the Abjurer's Wall spells that provide immunity from the attuned element.

Countering a spell with Counterspell automatically applies Abjurer's Absorption. The symbols created by this effect only last for [Rank/2] (rounded down) exchanges.

Rank VII: Encompassing Wall [2]

The user creates a dome/sphere (dome will contain a 'floor' of energy), up to [Rank] feet in radius, of powerful energy around themselves or their Natrelmon. This wall can take [Rank] hits from any attack before shattering.

Encompassing Wall provides immunity from environmental effects such as a Frostweaver's Blizzard or a Fire-type Natrelmon's Charred Earth for up to [Rank] seconds before shattering.

Rank VIII: Divine Intervention [1]

The Abjurer infuses a target with a golden, shimmering energy that prevents all damage they would take for 5 seconds. After Divine Intervention fades, the target gains Splendour for the rest of the battle.

If Chant of Mending would be used on a target with Splendour, it always heals for its maximum value.

Divine Intervention cannot get additional uses or free uses.

Rank IX - Infusion of Light [-]

Every 50% of overhealing that the Abjurer does grants a nearby Wall (within 10 feet of the target) the ability to take an additional instance of damage before dissipating. If there are no nearby Walls, the Abjurer gains an extra use of Wall.

Rank X - Vessel of the Spirit [-]

Vessel of the Spirit makes the Abjurer biologically immortal. They can still be killed, but always have glowing, radiant health and cannot die of old age.

In addition, resurrection can now be performed by the Vessel once every three months at cost of their benefits of Vessel of the Spirit for the next three months.

The Abjurer no longer needs to channel their Abjuration effects, but they must still chant.

The divine sigil from Abjurer's Absorption can be placed on non-Abjuration defensive magic.

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Abjuration, School of Splendour
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