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 Knowledge of Bei-Fong

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PostSubject: Knowledge of Bei-Fong   Knowledge of Bei-Fong I_icon_minitimeMon Nov 03, 2014 10:15 pm

In the ages of old, before the discovery of the deep reserves of ore under the Ivlser desert, Orin was the smithcraft center of Atren. Orin exported the highest quality blades, shields, and other such goods and imported the highest quality ore - all due to the talents of one exceptional woman. This woman was known as Suzuno Bei-Fong, posthumously given the title of "The Smith Queen" due to her unparalleled abilities with ores and metals. Suzuno had been skilled invarious forms of magic since her birth, and through careful tutelage and study her arts became so powerful that she was able to shape metal as if it was an extension of her being - as if it were alive. Blades crafted by Suzuno never lost their edge. Shields crafted by Suzuno were said to be indestructible. Tools crafted by Suzuno were said to impart her harmonious skill unto the metal that it worked, imbuing them with just a fragment of her almost divine skill.

The economic advancement of Orin was caused mostly by Suzuno's skill in her Magicks, as people from all over Atren came for various baubles and trinkets - and if they could afford it, her weapons. Suzuno's prowess was so great that she turned her smithcraft into a performance art. Crowds of the most distinguished people would flock to Orin to watch her craft the most splendid and powerful weapons from hunks of unrefined ore in bursts of great fire. Occasionally, she would even draw metals up from the earth, twisting the very ground into sheets of metal with which to craft the most exquisite weaponry and artisan's tools from. Among her profile of distinguished guests was...

[The page ends aprubtly at the mention of the name, with several dark spots of ink to accompany it. Perhaps the writer simply stopped before revealing information not meant for mere mortals... Or perhaps something more sinister happened the day that this musty old tome was written.]
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Knowledge of Bei-Fong
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