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 Oscar Levitan

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PostSubject: Oscar Levitan   Oscar Levitan I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 27, 2013 3:16 am

Name: Oscar Levitan.
Age: 20.
Gender: Male.

Appearance: Oscar's a pretty normal guy. He's quite good looking, though far from some celebrity dreamboat, and is fit enough to not start gasping for breath after a short sprint. He stands at roughly 6'2" in total, his body being somewhat on the thin side as well so he could probably be called lanky, though he does still have some muscle. He's got what I'd call a medium build, so his body is more or less pretty average.

Now, like I said before Oscar is still somewhere above average in the looks department, though his features are pretty average and not particularly memorable if he were to be seen in a crowd. He normally has a bit of facial hair, just enough to be visible as a shadow across his lower face, thanks to his lazy shaving habits in that he'll shave only once in a while. Still, it doesn't look bad on him, it can just be a bit rough.

Speaking of hair, his is cut fairly short. It's a fair bit longer than a buzz cut but nowhere near long enough to touch his shoulders, generally just being left to how it grows rather than being styled in any way, shape or form. It's naturally straight and long enough to give him a fringe, though said fringe isn't long enough to reach his eyes. His hair is black, by the way, and that about does it for that.

Oscar is naturally quite pale skinned, though once again he's far from any kind of extremes like being ghost white or something, he just doesn't tan... At all. Fairly abnormal considering where he grew up. He's got his fair share of scars and blemishes, scattered here and there, though nothing that particularly stands out or catches the eye in any way. Speaking of which his eyes are dark blue in colour, and in all honesty are probably his best feature... Though since they generally show him off as being rather tired they aren't as good a best feature as they could be.

Oscar's clothes are always simple and comfortable. A T-shirt of some kind alongside a pair of jeans. Let's say he tends to wear a pair of dark blue jeans alongside a light red T-shirt, though to be quite honest he has no particular preference when it comes to his shirts so this colour will switch from time to time. A pair of brown hiking boots and a brown jacket too.

Hometown: Toran.

Personality: I'll let this show itself more IC, but in a few words... Brazen, tenacious and stubborn as all hell. Still a pretty cool guy.

Relic Description: A simple looking lighter. Not ornate, not super flashy, just simple. No different from any other lighter, except it's, you know, made from some weird black stone.

Starting Natrelmon: Volcan, Mythin.

History: Born and raised in Toran, Oscar's life growing up really wasn't all that impressive. He never really knew his mother since she died while he was still young, so his father raised him alone. His father was a bit rough around the edges but, all in all, a good Dad who cared about his son more than anything.

Oscar's jump into the adventuring life wasn't a tough choice to make for him. Hell, when he got the opportunity he dove in head-first. No promises to lost loved ones, no sentimental reasons, he just really wanted to go far and beyond the ordinary and become someone truly amazing.

Professions: Tracker, Tamer.

Noteworthy Skills: Sleeping peacefully in even the most uncomfortable positions and places.
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Oscar Levitan
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