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 Minamoto Hina

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PostSubject: Minamoto Hina   Minamoto Hina I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 27, 2010 2:37 am

Name: Minamoto Hina
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Hina is a vibrant character in dreary and dull surroundings.

You wouldn't expect much from a kid who grew up, almost an orphan, but Hina will make your jaw drop. Lightly tanned skin is littered with barely visibly milky white scars from her years of fights and mischievous ventures.

Messy gun metal black tresses falls down to the girl's tiny waist. Which, is normally accented by brightly colored elastic bands of fabric from her underwear hiked over her rather prominent hipbones. Her hips are only the fourth thing she is proudest of on her body of after all, just above of that being the third: her stomach. Perfectly flat stomach and well toned ab muscles.

North of her stomach is the second thing she is most proud of and sort of shows off. Though, she does have her morals, however loose. Unless specifically required, a lacy bra or sports bra is enough of a top for her. She does have a cropped jacket or some over shirt to wear. There are times she's been known to be boring or 'sensible' and wear a regular old tank top.

Her coup de grace and pride and joy is her face. Sitting upon a very long, slender neck is an oval shaped face with angled features: a very sharp chin, high cheek bones, thin and arched brows, a small and pert nose. Large doe eyes are often hidden behind a pair of shades. While the innocence has long since faded from them, there is a bit that remains well guarded behind well built walls that not even the toughest men would be able to knock down.

Sure, she isn't the tallest girl, but her stems aren't anything to sneeze at. Unless she knows she is going to traveling, she walks around in heels and a short skirt. I mean, when you have the calves and thighs of a goddess, wouldn't you show them off? Besides, have you ever gotten a stiletto to the gut? That shit hurts almost as bad as a knife, if not more so because you don't have the sharp point to make stab in easier. Just blunt pain.

Her clothing isn't the only thing about her that is loud. This girl has a mouth on her. While dirty isn't exactly a good word to use, since she keeps herself quite clean, she isn't as prissy as she looks like she'd be. In fact, she's quite the opposite. She curses like a sailor. She'll get down and brawl with the best of them. While some people are worried about what you can and can't do in a fight, she's just worried about what she can do to win it. If you piss her off, she'll go for blood.

She can be a bitch, but she can also be your best friend. While she is fiercely independent, she does also know the value of teamwork and doesn't mind taking a more backseat role if need be. Though, don't expect her to go completely quietly.

She is also very open. While she might not agree with someone, she'll agree to disagree. She won't push her opinion on you if you don't do the same. More or less, she's the most easy person you'll ever meet, unless you challenge her to some sort of competition or you talk about her mother or the man she views as a father figure in a disrespectful manner... then she'll kick your ass.

Hometown: Relin
Relic Description: Undefined
Starting Natrelmon: Boru
History: I will type this eventually. For now, just deal with who she is. That is all you would be able to get out of her anyway.
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Minamoto Hina
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