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 Natrelmon Breeding

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PostSubject: Natrelmon Breeding   Natrelmon Breeding I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 20, 2014 7:52 pm

The most powerful of Natrelmon are not necessarily found in the wild - those dedicated to the art can create Natrelmon that rival the power of Legendary Natrelmon. However, Natrelmon breeding is a complicated process requiring a lot of luck and a lot of patience.

*Natrelmon can be bred off the farm, but are limited to only yielding one egg and are unable to use the upgrades from their farm.

Two Natrelmon are compatible for breeding if they meet both of the following requirements:

- Shared typing
- Similar physiology

Obviously, in addition, the Natrelmon need to be of opposite genders for breeding to work.

Each Natrelmon in the pairing has values that determine its Reproduction Rate, which decides how many eggs are yielded in a successful coupling. For example, if one Natrelmon has a four reproduction rate and one has two, then they can yield up to three eggs.

However, eggs are not simply given out willy nilly. No, there is a chance for there to be up to no eggs yielded. To decide if an egg is yielded from a pairing, the breeder must take the highest rarity of the Natrelmon and roll a dice for each egg that could potentially be yielded. This rarity corresponds to the below chart, which determines what number must be yielded to create an egg of that rarity.

Rarity (Eggs):
- VR - 1-10
- R - 1-20
- SR - 1-30
- U - 1-40
- SU - 1-50
- C - 1-60

Eggs can be rolled for every three days until a successful egg is produced. At that time, the Natrelmon will produce no more eggs for two weeks. If the first dice rolls yields an egg, you can complete the number of rolls for each eggs and that batch will have an increased number of eggs that can be hatched.

Once the eggs are produced, they will have the chance to hatch two weeks from the date of their creation. At the two week mark, the trainer will roll a dice for each egg hatching at that time. By examining the chart below, corresponding to the rarity taken for the egg production, the breeder will determine if their egg successfully hatches.

Rarity (Hatching):
- VR - 1-10
- R - 1-60
- SR - 1-40
- U - 1-30
- SU - 1-20
- C - 1-10

When an egg has hatched, the breeder will need to roll a series of dice to determine the attributes of the Natrelmon. An offspring Natrelmon, unless by some stated exception, is limited to having four instances of elements. More specifically, should a pairing be Wind/Light and Wind/Fire/Dark, then the offspring Natrelmon will yield Wind/Fire/Dark/Light, as there are a total of four unique elements. Now, let us take, for example, that same pairing but with Wind/Light/Electric. Since there are more than four total unique elements in that pairing, dice must be rolled to determine the elements the hatched Natrelmon will have. Like before, because Wind is a shared element, it is ensured to be on the offspring Natrelmon. Since there are four remaining elements, they are assigned an even spread of values. This *MUST* be rolled for by an Admin *ONLY* unless approval is given at the time for you to do so. In the example elemental pairing, Fire would be given 1-25, Dark 26-50, Light, 51-75, and Electric 76-100.

In our example, a 26 is rolled, giving the Natrelmon Wind/Dark/???/???. This creates a new spread with the remaining elements. Fire would get 1-33, Light 34-66, and Electric 67-99. In the case of there being no way to create an even spread using all of the values, than the remainder is considered a 'reroll'. Continuing the example, a 78 is rolled, giving it Wind/Dark/Electric/???. As before, a new spread is created and then rolled for.

Once elements have been assigned, the Natrelmon must have its gender rolled for. Like Wilds, 1-50 is female, 51-100 is male.

Finally, the innate abilities for the offspring Natrelmon must be rolled for. Like before, an even spread is created for each of these abilities and the innates are rolled for. A Natrelmon can posses a # of innates based on the rarity used in previous charts. Exceptions to this rule apply to Natrelmon that already naturally surpass the innate limits for their rarity. Additionally, certain innates may be forced onto a Natrelmon due to stated requirements or required interaction with another innate. If you are unsure, please ask an administrator to make a ruling.

Rarity (# of Innates):
- VR - 5
- R - 4
- SR - 4
- U -3
- SU - 3
- C - 2

It should be noted, that you cannot breed a Hawkline with an Atrixus and somehow get Animikii's innate - the parent Natrelmon MUST know the abilities in order for them to be passed onto the offspring.

Once all of these things have been determined, the breeder will need to make a name for their new species of Natrelmon. Physiology is also very much up to the breeder, but administrators reserve the right to require alterations to a description if it is felt that it skews off of the parent Natrelmon too much.

Statistics for this Natrelmon are the average of the stats for the parents in each field. Some physiology may not work with this and admins may need to rule on the stats.

Lastly, bred Natrelmon cannot naturally breed with each other unless they are identical in their typing. Natrelmon from the same parents also cannot breed.

After hatching, an offpring Natrelmon can remain on the farm with its parents and receive training equal to the average of its parents' levels. This naturally occurs at a rate of 4 levels per week, capping at level 20, even if the bred Natrelmon are higher leveled than that.
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Natrelmon Breeding
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