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 Kasumi Touhou

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PostSubject: Kasumi Touhou   Kasumi Touhou I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 19, 2014 11:42 pm

Name: Kasumi Touhou
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Hometown: Orin

Appearance: Kasumi’s appearance is not particularly well-known due to her love of secrecy, but the few tales of her that do circulate describe her as practically a shadow, swathed entirely in black except for her face, which is often covered by a fox mask.

Underneath her costume, Kasumi has short white hair and an extremely lean form.

Personality: Kasumi is, at heart, simply a woman who loves money and the thrill of stealing. She is a kleptomaniac in its finest form, and despite her morally ambiguous nature she is fairly friendly. Kasumi desires, of all things, excitement in her life, and though unorthodox, she has found thievery to be what she considers her calling in life.

Relic Description: Kasumi’s relics are lockpicks kept in a container on her belt.

Starting Natrelmon: Gen; Sparwire

Starting Magic: Kazemancy

Gifts: Invisibility

History: Kasumi grew up in the Touhou family, the most prominent and powerful family of Orin. The Touhou were always about being as fast as humanly possible, so Kasumi followed her family’s footsteps - though while they were focused on martial mastery, she preferred something that would have real consequences if she got caught - for that would not only test her speed, but give her the thrills that she craved. After a while of offering her services to the highest bidder, Kasumi decided to train Natrelmon on the side to aid her, as well as explore new things to challenge her.

Noteworthy Skills: Thievery, Lockpicking, Stealth, Hand-to-Hand Combat
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Kasumi Touhou
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