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 Eve Maynee

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PostSubject: Eve Maynee   Eve Maynee I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 05, 2014 7:54 pm

Name: Eve Maynee
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: Eve isn't tall at all. She stand at about five feet, 4 inches in height. She has auburn hair that goes right past her shoulders. Eve's eyes are dark green, almost like an evergreen. Her skin is of a milky white color. Normally Eve wears black slacks with a red shirt covered by a black turtleneck. She has no scars whatsoever on her body. Normally she has her hair tied into a pony tail, very rarely is it hanging freely.
Hometown: Sakura
Personality:Eve is a very calm individual who is more of an observer. She does seek out confrontations when it must but normally she'd rather completely bypass pointless encounters. She can get hotheaded very easily when she does encounter people. When she gets angry, she gets angry. She has a temper!
Relic Description Her relics are in the form of coins that take on a color for her Natrelmon.
Starting Natrelmon: Two Mythins. One male and one female.
History: Eve grew up in Sakura. Lived around Natrelmon. Daddy issues(he was dead). When she got old enough she traveled a fair bit. When her mother died she told her that she had a half brother, who was 7 years older than her. He was born in Relin. Eve wants to find him now, so she became a Natrelmon trainer.
Professions: Tracking and Breeding
Noteworthy Skills: She can do basic math and is very adept at thinking on her feet.
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Eve Maynee
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