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 For Taylor part deux...

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For Taylor part deux... Empty
PostSubject: For Taylor part deux...   For Taylor part deux... I_icon_minitimeSun Jan 05, 2014 5:02 pm

Name: Violet "Vi" Easting
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: Vi has bright pink shoulder length hair (a dye job if ever there was one) that is usually pretty wild and unkempt. Average height, she has steel blue eyes. Occasionally she is peppered with a few bruisers on her face from picking fights with locals, so her facial features vary slightly. She has a pair of goggles she typically keeps on the top of her head. Clothing wise, she varies a lot, wearing a lot of bright colors. However, she typically wears form fitting clothing, often with a jacket emblazoned with some kind of symbols or logos with a vibrant shirt. Pants are typically formfitting and occasionally she will go full female and wear a skirt over leggings. Her boots are standard black and almost always knee highs.
Hometown: Lifan
Personality: Vi is kind of a punk. She'll often get into physical fights over the most ridiculous of things and can often be found practicing her punches on fictitious opponents. One might say she is ready to brawl. However, despite her attitude, she has a strong sense of justice.
Relic Description Vi's relics are small stones on the knuckles of her gloves.
Starting Natrelmon: Olena
History: Vi grew up on the streets of Lifan. An orphan, she got into many troubles in her early youth. However, after getting caught stealing from the Song family, she was taken in at the age of 12 and given a more structured purpose, although she frequently got into trouble. She became the personal bodyguard and, over time, the adoptive older sister for the Song family's only child, their daughter, Song Lin Tiao.

However, at persuasion from Lin Tiao and her parents, Vi is now off on her own journey...
Noteworthy Skills: Hand-to-hand combat
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For Taylor part deux...
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