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 Kal Stride

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PostSubject: Kal Stride   Kal Stride I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 27, 2013 5:41 am

Name: Kal Stride

Age: 26

Gender:  Male

Appearance:  Kal is around average height standing around five and a half feet. His skin is white with a hint of a light tan on his face, neck, lower legs, and forearms. Kal has short brown hair, that is kept at about an inch in length. Kal's eyes are dark green in color, much like the clothing he wears. A mix of brown shorts and a dark green top is all that Kal wears. Kal has three scars on his body with two of them being visible. Under Kal's right eye is a scar that stretches from the corner of his eye to the bottom of his ear. The second scar is on his back, crossing his spine in the middle of his back. The scar is a diagonal cut. The third scar is on the bottom of his left foot. It is nearly a perfect circle. Kal looks quite slender due to having a small frame for a body.

Hometown: Relin

Personality: On the outside Kal's personality seems rather bland and distance. He shows indifference to nearly everything. It doesn't help that his mouth is fixed in a slight frown. This just is his normal look, not that he is upset all the time although it is certainly mistaken to believe he is upset. Kal is in fact a very emotional man. He cares for all animals so deeply that he can't stand to harm them. He treats all animals with love and care as if they are his own, regardless if they are wild or not. His current desire is to become close with many different creatures, Natrelmon included.

Relic Description:  Kal's relics seem to look like ordinary rocks, varying in shapes. Each takes up a small area on his palm when he holds it in it. His relic takes on a slight color for which Natrelmon resides in it. To call forth or to, as long as he says something to the effect

Starting Natrelmon:  Olena, Eletta

History: Kal was born in Relin and raised there. He lived a normal childhood, except he taught himself how to fight. Growing up he got into a 'few' scuffles with other children his age. As Kal grew into his relatively normal teenage years he began to develop his fighting skills into a specific style that was unique to him. His personality also changed with his growth. He became much more introverted and introspective while growing through this stage. As he learned more about the world and studied the local wildlife he began to take less of an interest in people and more into nature. Growing up Kal didn't have friends, but rather many pets that he kept for company. He played nicely with others when the situation called for it but he ultimately chose animals over humans. When he entered his early twenties he became interested in Natrelmon.

Professions: Tamer, Herbalist

Noteworthy Skills: Proficient in Hand to Hand combat and analyzing situations. More practical knowledge than book smarts. Well liked by animals and Natrelmon alike.
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Kal Stride
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