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 Kimlee Odayaka

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PostSubject: Kimlee Odayaka   Kimlee Odayaka I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 23, 2013 2:57 am

Name: Kimlee Odayaka
Age: Female
Gender: 17
Hometown: Relin
Personality: Kimlee was once upbeat and very much a social butterfly. While still friendly and kind, she can become more serious much more easily - especially in the face of situations that bring up the memories of her death. Life is more precious to her. She has developed a bit of unease around ghost type Natrelmon, which makes it difficult with her gift of mediumship.
Relic Description Bracelets on her wrist.
Starting Natrelmon: Sparwire, Mythin
History: Kimlee grew up with her brother in Relin. She left on her Natrelmon journey shortly after her brother, but was abducted by a strange man, who used Geomancy to place her inside of the wall of a cave. Using the naivety of a number of trainers, he convinced a trainer by the name of Night Westing into stabbing and then killing her by slipping a knife into a slot in the wall directly over her heart.

Eventually her lifeless form would be pulled out of the wall and revived using a form of advanced Restoration magic by an old woman known as Rinkoo, who pulled her back from the void. She has ventured back to Toran to try to find her brother and continue on her Natrelmon journey - very much a changed young woman.
Professions: Merchant, Scholar, Herbalist
Gifts: Extra Profession Slot, Extra Spell School, Medium
Noteworthy Skills:
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Kimlee Odayaka
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