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PostSubject: For Taylor...   For Taylor... I_icon_minitimeFri Dec 20, 2013 12:10 am

Name: Jayce Bennet
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Appearance: Jayce towers over most of the other trainers at 6'2". He has dark, slick black hair which he keeps fairly short. He wears a brown leather jacket and standard jeans in a blue-grey hue. He wears a variety of t-shirts underneath, but can often be seen with a shirt with some kind of reference to Genbu.
Hometown: Echo
Personality: Jayce is sturdy and reliable. He can be count on to do what is needed for his friends. Not easily unnerved, he approaches most situations with a strange calm and is able to diffuse intense personal conflicts with a calm, deep presence.
Relic Description
Starting Natrelmon: Mythin, Olena
History: Jayce grew up in Relin, where his family has lived for over two generations. He grew up as a single child, and all of his parents' attention was focused solely on him. His father was on the city council for Relin and his mother was a baker. Both had returned from their adventures in the just before having Jayce, both to start a family and take care of their aging parents. Jayce has living grandparents on both sides of his family in Relin. His father started with a Mithin and his mother a Olena.

As with all prospective trainers in Relin, Jayce survived out in the wild for a week in the dead of winter with his Natrelmon. Jayce chose both of his Natrelmon as an homage to his parents.
Professions: Merchant, Breeder, Tracker
Noteworthy Skills: Jayce is physically very strong.
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