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 Dash Scooner

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PostSubject: Dash Scooner   Dash Scooner I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 29, 2013 4:53 pm

Name: Dash Scooner
Age: 13

Appearance: Short and skinny he has a wide expressive face with dark brown eyes and brown messy hair that he keep hidden beneath a beanie hat. Dash usually wears light faded jeans a bright red t-shirt with a garish logo though it is usually obscured by the dark blue jacket he wears over the top of it.

Hometown: A small village not far from Toran

Personality: To say Dash is stupid isn't fair, because he hasn't ever tried to think about anything complex. He gets distracted easily and is quite excitable, especially about Natrelmon. He is open with how he feels, rash and impulsive but he usually means well despite all this.

Relic Description A band of thick coloured rubber with the natrelmon's name carved into the rubber. The colour reflects the natrelmon's nature.
Starting Natrelmon: Eletta and Gen

History: Dash was a difficult child, and still mostly is; his parents had hoped for a smarter, more talented child and instead they had gotten him. They were never cruel, or abusive but the disappointment was clear to everyone else except for Dash himself. So he grew up with birthdays or family holidays but he never really cared, he never thought to wonder why he didn't. They encouraged his love of natrelmon, at first hoping he might become a great trainer but when it was clear he had no interest in studying them they simply supported it to get rid of him. As soon as they felt he was old enough to own his own they gave them to him, the only gift he'd ever received as they sent him off to 'follow his dream'.

Professions: None
Noteworthy Skills: A surprisingly quick runner and agile climber
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PostSubject: Re: Dash Scooner   Dash Scooner I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 30, 2013 1:16 am

Accepted 'n' shit.
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Dash Scooner
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